WOD 2/26/2021


Rings Test


3 Rounds For Reps

1 Minute Each

-Wall Balls

-Box Jumps

-Sit Ups

-Push Ups



Weekly Workout Preview 2/22/2021

Preview of workouts for the week of 2/22/2021:

Monday 2/22: Upper/Lower Endurance Test

Tuesday 2/23: Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar, DU

Wednesday 2/24: Kettlebell

Thursday 2/25: Row, Hang Squat Clean

Friday 2/26: Wallball, Box Jumps, Sit Up, Push Ups

Saturday 2/27: TBD

Sunday 2/28: Hero WOD “Nate”

WODs are subject to change.


Weekly Workout Preview 12/28/20

Preview of workouts for the week of 12/28/20.

Monday 12/28: Row

Tuesday 12/29: Wallballs

Wednesday 12/30: Double Unders, Toes 2 Bar

Thursday 12/31: Burpee Pull Ups, Front Lunge, Deadlift

Friday 12/1: Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups, Row, DB Clean and Jerk

Saturday 12/2: TBD

Sunday 12/3: Hero WOD TBD

WODs are subject to change.


“You look great! What are you doing?”

Have you gotten the compliment “YOU LOOK GREAT! What are you doing!?” Here’s what we want you to say… “Thank you! (Blush) I workout at CrossFit Jungle Gym, I love it! What are you doing tomorrow? You should come with me I’ll introduce you to my coach!”. When they say yes, text us: your friends name, date and time, phone number and/or e-mail… We’ll take care of the rest! Or you can just have them book a No Sweat Intro on our site!

Our Mission

We’re trying to improve the lives of our community through training and nutrition. Your friend… is our community, your family is our community, your neighbor, your co-worker are part of our community. We’d love your help to change more lives! All your friend needs is an invite from you… personally.

Ease their minds about how they get started… we have a very specific route to achieving the results they(and you) want. All they (you) have to do is follow the process!

Here’s how new members get started at CFJG.

  1. No Sweat Intro
    • The point is to meet with a coach who wants to understand new prospective member goals, the obstacles they face in achieving them, what they’ve tried before, what has worked and hasn’t worked for them.
    • After understanding Guide them to the best possible training program for them that includes: the right programming, measurements that pertain to their goals, an appropriate amount of accountability, the right about of intensity, that fits their schedule.
  2. First 60 Days
    • Teaches new members how to train, how to maximize results within CFJG, prepare them for a smooth transition to group sessions, create new positive habits and routine.
    • Learn more about the members individual needs and preferences for training as it relates to their goals.
    • We have 5 different service levels… each are differentiated in levels of accountability, individual vs group coaching, amount of nutrition guidance, amount of goal specific training
  3. Next 90 Days
    • Analysis of what you’ve been doing, the progress that has been made, what was working, what wasn’t working with a 3 month plan to make measurable progress towards the set goals!
    • The continuous cycle of here was the plan, here was the execution, here were the results, what’s next?

Client Stories

“The experience here is different!” Amanda M

I was immediately comfortable and felt like I belonged.

Not only did I get physically stronger I got mentally stronger.

Are you ready to experience the CFJG difference? Get stronger?

Book a No Sweat Intro today!