Client Stories

Chelsea “I just really feel the difference in my body.”

Chelsea recently completed her first 60 days at CrossFit Jungle Gym and was able to take three and a half minutes off her first workout time! Not only is she feeling more motivated, but she has seen improvements in her weightlifting, such as her cleans. See Chelsea’s full story below!

Introduce Yourself

My name is Chelsea Kennedy.”

What brought you to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I previously was very into CrossFit for about four years, but then I had four surgeries. I just wanted to get back into shape.

Tell us a little bit about your success over the first 60 days

“Definitely a huge difference. I came in here and I remember my push ups in the first workout I was so out of breath and felt so out of shape. Today it felt so good and I felt so motivated. I just really feel the difference in my body.”

How much time did you take off your first workout?

“Three and a half minutes.”

What was your first sign of progress?

It was the first time that I did cleans. I remember trying to do cleans at home with just my barbell and I struggled with just the barbell. I came in here and was able to put weight on it again after the first couple of weeks. I remember thinking that I can do this again. I wondered if I would ever get back to that spot.”

What would you say the biggest obstacle is that we helped you overcome during your first 60 days?

“Definitely motivating me. I’m a full time grad student and I have two toddlers. The coaches just motivating me to come in here, sending me texts and being so encouraging.”

What are you looking at doing next?

“I’m going to keep coming in here three days a week. I want to get my weights back up to somewhere around where they were. I have to be patient but I want to start working in that direction.”

Is there anything you would share with somebody sitting at home, who’s basically in the same shoes you were in before you signed up?

“Yes, don’t be afraid to come in and give it a try. It’s scary the first time but I promise you if you come in and give it a try, you will walk out feeling so empowered, so strong and so good. So do something that scares you.”


WOD 3/3/2021


18 Minute AMRAP

800m Row/Bike

15 Wall Balls

3 Pull Up/Muscle Up


WOD 2/26/2021


Rings Test


3 Rounds For Reps

1 Minute Each

-Wall Balls

-Box Jumps

-Sit Ups

-Push Ups



WOD 2/25/2021


For Load:

25 mins

500m row

1 Hang Squat Clean and Jerk


Upper/Lower Endurance Test


WOD 2/1/2021


10 Rounds for Time:

15 American KBS

10 Box Jumps


WOD 1/27/2021


AMRAP – 30 minutes

400m Row

30 Box Jumps

20 Wall Balls


WOD 1/24/21

CrossFit Hero WOD “TK”

AMRAP in 20 minutes

8 Strict Pull-Ups

8 Box Jumps (36/30 in)

12 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)


WOD 1/23/2021


Partner WOD(You go, I go):

25 Minute AMRAP

46 Snatches 95/65

25 Toes to Bar

49 Back Squat

25 Burpees


WOD 1/3/2021


AMRAP in 26 minutes

10 Pull-Ups

15 Kettlebell Swings

20 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

 Canadian 1st Class Constable Jennifer Kovach of Guelph, Canada, died March 14, 2013, when her squad car was involved in a motor-vehicle accident while she was responding to a call for service. The 26-year-old fulfilled her dream of becoming a police officer serving her community and the Guelph Police Service for four years before her death. Kovach is survived by her mother, Gloria; father, Bill; brother, Brian; grandparents, Chester and Elvira Janicki; boyfriend, Kyle Schlosser; and many other friends and family.




100 Double Unders
75 Slam Balls 20/14
50 Sit Ups
25 Push Ups
25 Pull Ups
50 Shoulder to Overhead 45/35
75 Back Squat 45/35
100 Double Unders