Client Stories

Chelsea “I just really feel the difference in my body.”

Chelsea recently completed her first 60 days at CrossFit Jungle Gym and was able to take three and a half minutes off her first workout time! Not only is she feeling more motivated, but she has seen improvements in her weightlifting, such as her cleans. See Chelsea’s full story below!

Introduce Yourself

My name is Chelsea Kennedy.”

What brought you to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I previously was very into CrossFit for about four years, but then I had four surgeries. I just wanted to get back into shape.

Tell us a little bit about your success over the first 60 days

“Definitely a huge difference. I came in here and I remember my push ups in the first workout I was so out of breath and felt so out of shape. Today it felt so good and I felt so motivated. I just really feel the difference in my body.”

How much time did you take off your first workout?

“Three and a half minutes.”

What was your first sign of progress?

It was the first time that I did cleans. I remember trying to do cleans at home with just my barbell and I struggled with just the barbell. I came in here and was able to put weight on it again after the first couple of weeks. I remember thinking that I can do this again. I wondered if I would ever get back to that spot.”

What would you say the biggest obstacle is that we helped you overcome during your first 60 days?

“Definitely motivating me. I’m a full time grad student and I have two toddlers. The coaches just motivating me to come in here, sending me texts and being so encouraging.”

What are you looking at doing next?

“I’m going to keep coming in here three days a week. I want to get my weights back up to somewhere around where they were. I have to be patient but I want to start working in that direction.”

Is there anything you would share with somebody sitting at home, who’s basically in the same shoes you were in before you signed up?

“Yes, don’t be afraid to come in and give it a try. It’s scary the first time but I promise you if you come in and give it a try, you will walk out feeling so empowered, so strong and so good. So do something that scares you.”

Client Stories

Kimberly “The results are in your lifestyle. I sleep better, I feel better, I’m performing better.”

Kimberly recently completed our five week nutrition challenge and in five weeks she lost 6.4 lbs, decreased her body fat by 2.4% and lost 3.5 inches. Not only did Kimberly lose weight, but she was able to improve her athletic performance by leveling up in workouts and getting some new PR’s in the gym. Kimberly’s full interview with Coach Brian is below!

Introduce Yourself

“Hi I’m Kimberly Cerasi and I’ve been here for three years.”

You have done the nutrition challenge a bunch of times. We are completing today your latest nutrition challenge, why did you sign up again?

“Because I have done it, this is my third time now, I know the results I got in the first two. Not that I was in a bad place, but I needed a little kick start to get even better and I wanted to perform better in workouts. I have already seen the results after five weeks. The proof is in the numbers, it works.”

Tell us about some of your successes(with the challenge).

“I lost 6.4 lbs, down 2.4% body fat and I lost 3.5 inches, but that’s just the number part of it. The results are in your lifestyle, I sleep better, I’m feeling better, I’m performing better – I’m lifting weights that I couldn’t do five weeks ago. Overall it’s lifechanging. I mean that sounds wonky, but it really is.”

Maybe somebody is watching and they don’t know how we would measure performance. Give us an example of something that you have PR’d or improved upon.

“In just five week’s I’ve leveled up in four different areas. I’m deadlifting more, I can do strict chin ups. My power cleans are heavier, just today I used a heavier dumbbell than I have ever used before, without a problem. There is just so many area’s I’ve improved in, in just five weeks – it’s amazing.”

Obviously you get all those PR results and the measurement results that have all gone in the right direction – any results that you have that we wouldn’t notice?

“Just your mindset, your coming into a workout feeling better, you had a good nights sleep. Just the overall performance, it’s amazing what good food does.”

You have overcome a lot of obstacles in previous challenges, was there any specific obstacles that you were really hoping to get past this go around?

“I knew what I was getting into. For me, I saw the change in my body composition, with the loss of the bad body fat and I want to gain muscle. It’s not just that, its knowing that I can perform better because of the clean food I’m putting in. You know what you have to do, this just makes it real. These are true results because of what you are putting into your body.”

You’ve had success again, what were the top contributing factors this go around?

“Well this time, I knew what I was getting into and I focused on really concentrating on the right foods. I know that you can eat a starchy carb, it could be a whole wheat muffin, but I know that fruit or sweet potato is a better option. Once you start this – you start craving the better options.”

Somebody is sitting at home, wanting to improve their performance, wanting to improve their body composition, what do you tell them?

“Walk in the door and just try this. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight and everything to gain.”


WOD 3/4/2021


5 Rounds

5 Front Squats

10 Burpees

5 Clean and Jerks

*3 min lower body mobility between rounds


WOD 3/3/2021


18 Minute AMRAP

800m Row/Bike

15 Wall Balls

3 Pull Up/Muscle Up


WOD 3/2/2021



Kneeling Shoulder Press


4 Rounds For Reps

500m Row/Bike

15 Thrusters

Max Toes to Bar


Weekly Workout Preview 3/1/2021

Preview of workouts for the week of 3/1/2021:

Monday 3/1: Bike/Row

Tuesday 3/2: Row/Bike, Thruster, Toes to Bar

Wednesday 3/3: Row/Bike, Wall Balls, Pull Ups or Muscle Ups(athlete choice)

Thursday 3/4: Front Squat, Burpee, Clean and Jerk

Friday 3/5: Intramural WOD

Saturday 3/6: Intramural WOD

Sunday 3/7: TBD


WOD 2/26/2021


Rings Test


3 Rounds For Reps

1 Minute Each

-Wall Balls

-Box Jumps

-Sit Ups

-Push Ups



WOD 2/25/2021


For Load:

25 mins

500m row

1 Hang Squat Clean and Jerk


Upper/Lower Endurance Test


WOD 2/24/2021


Review of Kettlebell Swings


Kettlebell Test


Weekly Workout Preview 2/22/2021

Preview of workouts for the week of 2/22/2021:

Monday 2/22: Upper/Lower Endurance Test

Tuesday 2/23: Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar, DU

Wednesday 2/24: Kettlebell

Thursday 2/25: Row, Hang Squat Clean

Friday 2/26: Wallball, Box Jumps, Sit Up, Push Ups

Saturday 2/27: TBD

Sunday 2/28: Hero WOD “Nate”

WODs are subject to change.