Everyone needs to feel like they belong in life. CFJG is dedicated to helping people feel that belonging. The requirement to belong at CFJG is complicated but can sometimes be hard, you have to add. What that means is you have to improve what is done here, which is help others. anyone who is unwilling or unable to help those of the group do not belong to our community. With that said, we will graciously accept anyone who is willing to add to the group, that desires success for themselves and for those around them. It’s not a plus to have, it is a must have to be a coach or member at CFJG.

Where does this value come from?

When I was a baseball team as a young man, we had an amazing coach. This coach believed in us mor than we believed in ourselves and EVERYONE got a fair shake. No one was denied the opportunity to be a part of an incredibly talented team. The determining factor on whether you made the team or not ultimately came down to this…

  • What does the team need?
  • What are your strong suits?
  • This is how you will be most valuable to the team:
  • Are you willing to take that role?

There wasn’t a single athlete who said yes and didn’t make the team. Some players role was to keep the scorebook, shag fly balls, throw BP, to be the starting shortstop. No single role was exactly the same but each task, each role was important to the success of the team. Some teammates never made the newspaper or even got a hit. Their role made wins happen though. Our coach also made sure each person on the team knew the importance of those jobs. As a team we could succeed, as individuals we could not. Everyone on that team was important and everyone knew it.

The CFJG Team

Each one of you is here to have a role in the success of everyone else. Without you, someone else will fall short. Without someone else, you will fall short. Every person within these walls belongs here for their own benefit and for the benefit of everyone else in the gym. Over the course of time your role may change, you may be more dependent or nearly entirely independent. You may need more than you give or give more than you receive. either way, you are important to each other and you should try and prove that EVERY day!


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