Evidence of Chris' improved physique as seen by him holding up his old pants that are now way too big

What CFJG is here to do…

What are we doing here… (aka our Mission)

We are here to improve the lives of our community through training and nutrition.

How are we going to do it… (aka our vision)

We are going to do it by providing a superior training experience to 200 members.

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The Owners Intentions

For our clients:

Our business is based on improving the lives of our members, through training. We want our clients to show up and love being at our gym. We want them to get the results that make their lives better be it physical, mental or emotional.

For our staff: 

Create amazing careers in the fitness industry for our staff that meet your financial, social and lifestyle needs. We our staff to enjoy showing up, being here, and we want them to know we care and that we respect their professional goals.

For the owners: 

To have an amazing, fulfilling career in fitness and business that creates opportunity for all of those involved. Doing so, we believe, is the greatest way for us to create a positive impact on the world.

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