Get Stronger: The Ultimate Guide

get stronger

Use this Ultimate Guide to get stronger starting right now! We can’t talk strength gains without talking about your nutrition. Specifically we need to start by making sure we have enough protein to support our current levels of muscle mass. If you are looking to get stronger at the same weight your protein number will be different than someone who doesn’t mind or is trying to put on some weight. Start with How Much Protein?

To be most effective in getting stronger we want to have a well balanced program that includes pulling, pressing and squatting. If you’ve found that you’re imbalanced already, more focus can be put on one type of lift than another but lets start assuming you’re relatively balanced or need to find out. We want to pick first, functional movements. Secondly we want to pick the movements that require the most muscular units to contract simultaneously. When starting use the conventional lifts or variations of the traditional lifts: Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press.

It’s important that these lifts be heavy. In order to lift at your heaviest your best technique should pursued at all times because you’ll be most proficient, efficient and safe. 

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