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Client Stories

“Totally changed how I look at meal prep and eating!” Caitlin Kane

Caitlin recently completed on last nutrition challenge and lost 8.3 lbs and 5.75 inches. When asked what her favorite part of the challenge was Caitlin stated it was how quickly she felt progress. See her full story below!

You’ve been a member for some time now and you just completed the five week nutrition challenge. Why did you sign up for the nutrition challenge?

“I signed up for the nutrition challenge because I had been in a really good routine working out consistently and I felt ready to take on the changes that I needed to make better nutrition choices.”

Tell us a little bit about the successes you have had over the last five weeks.

“Over the last five weeks I have totally changed how I look at meal planning and what I’m eating. For me, a big thing was learning about meal prep, what choices were best and why. Over the last five weeks I’m eating cleaner and feeling better just by what meal choices I’m making. It’s been eye opening to what meal choices I was making before and not really conscious of it. That was a big thing for me.”

What was your first sign that you were making progress?

“First sign of making progress was how clothes were fitting. It came quicker than I thought it was going to actually. “

Were there any results that you got that maybe as coaches we wouldn’t have noticed?

“It impacted how I was sleeping. Because it’s impacting how I’m able to workout, which you may be able to see in the gym but not on paper. Its made a difference in performance and in my sleep routine and habits.”

What was a big obstacle that you faced that we helped you overcome during the challenge?

“A big obstacle for me was being more organized and planning in advance. I was looking forward to the challenge for the right tools for prep and being accountable. Prepping and making those choices. The challenge helped me get more organized. I quickly learned that the “stress” of taking a day and prepping meals and getting those good options easily available was much less than the stress of not having meals ready or good choices ready. That’s the biggest take away for me and knowing that I’m going to continue doing this because it’s changed my whole mind set. Its much easier to just take the time to make good things easily available. That’s less stressful than floundering trying to make good choices on the fly.”

You had good success, what were the top contributing factors?

“I loved the community aspect of it. Yes you earned your point checking in with people or using the Facebook group. It really did help get ideas from how other people are trying new recipes or what other people are struggling with, in the beginning, getting things going. It really helped a lot that you had this small group with like minded goals and like minded struggles at first. During Covid we couldn’t all necessarily be together, but it was something to look forward to connect and share, bounce ideas off each other. That was really big for me.”

If someone else was sitting at home, as the same person you were five weeks ago, what would you tell them about the nutrition challenge?

“I would tell them that the nutrition challenge is an important first step to take. Because I know five weeks ago, I thought – oh yeah I know I need to make better choices, I need to make some changes. The nutrition challenge helps you realize its just small changes that are very realistic, but if you keep them consistent and you’re held accountable and with like minded people, you realize that it’s not some broad big jump to take, its little steps that make a big difference over time. Five weeks ago I thought I had an idea of, okay yeah eat better, eat cleaner, but the challenge makes it realistic and is the perfect guide to make it realistic for your everyday. “

Client Stories

Kimberly “The results are in your lifestyle. I sleep better, I feel better, I’m performing better.”

Kimberly recently completed our five week nutrition challenge and in five weeks she lost 6.4 lbs, decreased her body fat by 2.4% and lost 3.5 inches. Not only did Kimberly lose weight, but she was able to improve her athletic performance by leveling up in workouts and getting some new PR’s in the gym. Kimberly’s full interview with Coach Brian is below!

Introduce Yourself

“Hi I’m Kimberly Cerasi and I’ve been here for three years.”

You have done the nutrition challenge a bunch of times. We are completing today your latest nutrition challenge, why did you sign up again?

“Because I have done it, this is my third time now, I know the results I got in the first two. Not that I was in a bad place, but I needed a little kick start to get even better and I wanted to perform better in workouts. I have already seen the results after five weeks. The proof is in the numbers, it works.”

Tell us about some of your successes(with the challenge).

“I lost 6.4 lbs, down 2.4% body fat and I lost 3.5 inches, but that’s just the number part of it. The results are in your lifestyle, I sleep better, I’m feeling better, I’m performing better – I’m lifting weights that I couldn’t do five weeks ago. Overall it’s lifechanging. I mean that sounds wonky, but it really is.”

Maybe somebody is watching and they don’t know how we would measure performance. Give us an example of something that you have PR’d or improved upon.

“In just five week’s I’ve leveled up in four different areas. I’m deadlifting more, I can do strict chin ups. My power cleans are heavier, just today I used a heavier dumbbell than I have ever used before, without a problem. There is just so many area’s I’ve improved in, in just five weeks – it’s amazing.”

Obviously you get all those PR results and the measurement results that have all gone in the right direction – any results that you have that we wouldn’t notice?

“Just your mindset, your coming into a workout feeling better, you had a good nights sleep. Just the overall performance, it’s amazing what good food does.”

You have overcome a lot of obstacles in previous challenges, was there any specific obstacles that you were really hoping to get past this go around?

“I knew what I was getting into. For me, I saw the change in my body composition, with the loss of the bad body fat and I want to gain muscle. It’s not just that, its knowing that I can perform better because of the clean food I’m putting in. You know what you have to do, this just makes it real. These are true results because of what you are putting into your body.”

You’ve had success again, what were the top contributing factors this go around?

“Well this time, I knew what I was getting into and I focused on really concentrating on the right foods. I know that you can eat a starchy carb, it could be a whole wheat muffin, but I know that fruit or sweet potato is a better option. Once you start this – you start craving the better options.”

Somebody is sitting at home, wanting to improve their performance, wanting to improve their body composition, what do you tell them?

“Walk in the door and just try this. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight and everything to gain.”

Client Stories

Emilia “I feel happier when I wake up and motivated everyday.”

Emilia recently completed our five week nutrition challenge where she lost 5.7 lbs and decreased her body fat by 1.3%! Emilia talked with Coach Brian to discuss her results from the challenge. See their full conversation below!

Emilia’s Nutrition Success Story

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

“Connecting with my Mom a lot more and feeling happier when I woke up and motivated everyday, I wasn’t really before.”

“Why did you join the nutrition challenge?”

“I joined because I didn’t feel like I was seeing results from just doing CrossFit 3 times a week. “

Tell us a little bit about your successes over the last five weeks.

“I’m pretty happy with the results.

What was the first sign that you were making progress?

“Probably the halfway point. When I saw that I lost a few pounds I wasn’t expecting that at all. I know that my stomach felt a lot better, but I didn’t think that I lost any weight from it.”

When you signed up for the challenge were you hoping to lose weight or for your stomach to feel better? What was the main reason that you wanted to join?

“The number one reason was because of my stomach and losing weight was just a plus from it.”

Were there other results that we wouldn’t know about that you were happy with? (For example, better sleep)

“I do the morning classes for CrossFit and I always used to have go home, shower and take a nap for 2-3 hours before I go into work, I’m there until 10:30pm at night. Now I don’t really need to nap because I have the energy.”

What was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome during the challenge?

I always had quick processed foods and now I learned to like prep everything beforehand.

During the 5 weeks, what do you think the top factors were to help you be successful?

Probably the people in the FaceBook group, just pushing. Also, I feel like Vanessa and Tommy were really on point with the meetings. Everything they talked about, it hit me, like last week the stress one, I really needed that. It was good timing with everything.

If there is someone sitting at home in the same shoes as you were five weeks ago – what would you tell them about the nutrition challenge?

“That it works. I was skeptical about it because I didn’t think that I could be strict with myself but because everybody else doing it with me and talking about it with me. It helped a lot.”

So you feel like the group component with other people doing it with you was helpful?

“Yeah, and my Mom also trying to do it with me. If it was just me in the house I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it, but she was doing it with me.”

Anything else that you want to add?

“I want to thank everyone for helping me out along the way.”

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WOD 2/17/2021


For Time:

300 Air Squats

200 Kettlebell Swings

100 Pull Ups

Partition as desired


WOD 1/28/2021


5 Rounds

1:15 American KBs

45s Rest



Cals Bike/Row



WOD 1/22/2021


3x Max DB Shoulder Press


3 Rounds For Time

50 Sit Ups

80 Air Squat

40 1 Arm DB Push Press (20 each side)


WOD 1/20/21


5 rounds

1 min American Kettlebell Swing

1 min Rest


10 minutes


Toes to Bar

DB Clean and Jerks


WOD 1/4/2021


Tabata – Weighted Sit Ups

Skill – Double Unders


15 min AMRAP

3 Strict HSPU

8 Deadlifts

800m Row


WOD 12/17/20


8 rounds

Hang to High Hang + Hang Power Clean

Build to heavy


3 Rounds For Time

400m Row

10 Overhead Squat