Client Stories

Kimberly “The results are in your lifestyle. I sleep better, I feel better, I’m performing better.”

Kimberly recently completed our five week nutrition challenge and in five weeks she lost 6.4 lbs, decreased her body fat by 2.4% and lost 3.5 inches. Not only did Kimberly lose weight, but she was able to improve her athletic performance by leveling up in workouts and getting some new PR’s in the gym. Kimberly’s full interview with Coach Brian is below!

Introduce Yourself

“Hi I’m Kimberly Cerasi and I’ve been here for three years.”

You have done the nutrition challenge a bunch of times. We are completing today your latest nutrition challenge, why did you sign up again?

“Because I have done it, this is my third time now, I know the results I got in the first two. Not that I was in a bad place, but I needed a little kick start to get even better and I wanted to perform better in workouts. I have already seen the results after five weeks. The proof is in the numbers, it works.”

Tell us about some of your successes(with the challenge).

“I lost 6.4 lbs, down 2.4% body fat and I lost 3.5 inches, but that’s just the number part of it. The results are in your lifestyle, I sleep better, I’m feeling better, I’m performing better – I’m lifting weights that I couldn’t do five weeks ago. Overall it’s lifechanging. I mean that sounds wonky, but it really is.”

Maybe somebody is watching and they don’t know how we would measure performance. Give us an example of something that you have PR’d or improved upon.

“In just five week’s I’ve leveled up in four different areas. I’m deadlifting more, I can do strict chin ups. My power cleans are heavier, just today I used a heavier dumbbell than I have ever used before, without a problem. There is just so many area’s I’ve improved in, in just five weeks – it’s amazing.”

Obviously you get all those PR results and the measurement results that have all gone in the right direction – any results that you have that we wouldn’t notice?

“Just your mindset, your coming into a workout feeling better, you had a good nights sleep. Just the overall performance, it’s amazing what good food does.”

You have overcome a lot of obstacles in previous challenges, was there any specific obstacles that you were really hoping to get past this go around?

“I knew what I was getting into. For me, I saw the change in my body composition, with the loss of the bad body fat and I want to gain muscle. It’s not just that, its knowing that I can perform better because of the clean food I’m putting in. You know what you have to do, this just makes it real. These are true results because of what you are putting into your body.”

You’ve had success again, what were the top contributing factors this go around?

“Well this time, I knew what I was getting into and I focused on really concentrating on the right foods. I know that you can eat a starchy carb, it could be a whole wheat muffin, but I know that fruit or sweet potato is a better option. Once you start this – you start craving the better options.”

Somebody is sitting at home, wanting to improve their performance, wanting to improve their body composition, what do you tell them?

“Walk in the door and just try this. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight and everything to gain.”

Client Stories

Emilia “I feel happier when I wake up and motivated everyday.”

Emilia recently completed our five week nutrition challenge where she lost 5.7 lbs and decreased her body fat by 1.3%! Emilia talked with Coach Brian to discuss her results from the challenge. See their full conversation below!

Emilia’s Nutrition Success Story

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

“Connecting with my Mom a lot more and feeling happier when I woke up and motivated everyday, I wasn’t really before.”

“Why did you join the nutrition challenge?”

“I joined because I didn’t feel like I was seeing results from just doing CrossFit 3 times a week. “

Tell us a little bit about your successes over the last five weeks.

“I’m pretty happy with the results.

What was the first sign that you were making progress?

“Probably the halfway point. When I saw that I lost a few pounds I wasn’t expecting that at all. I know that my stomach felt a lot better, but I didn’t think that I lost any weight from it.”

When you signed up for the challenge were you hoping to lose weight or for your stomach to feel better? What was the main reason that you wanted to join?

“The number one reason was because of my stomach and losing weight was just a plus from it.”

Were there other results that we wouldn’t know about that you were happy with? (For example, better sleep)

“I do the morning classes for CrossFit and I always used to have go home, shower and take a nap for 2-3 hours before I go into work, I’m there until 10:30pm at night. Now I don’t really need to nap because I have the energy.”

What was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome during the challenge?

I always had quick processed foods and now I learned to like prep everything beforehand.

During the 5 weeks, what do you think the top factors were to help you be successful?

Probably the people in the FaceBook group, just pushing. Also, I feel like Vanessa and Tommy were really on point with the meetings. Everything they talked about, it hit me, like last week the stress one, I really needed that. It was good timing with everything.

If there is someone sitting at home in the same shoes as you were five weeks ago – what would you tell them about the nutrition challenge?

“That it works. I was skeptical about it because I didn’t think that I could be strict with myself but because everybody else doing it with me and talking about it with me. It helped a lot.”

So you feel like the group component with other people doing it with you was helpful?

“Yeah, and my Mom also trying to do it with me. If it was just me in the house I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it, but she was doing it with me.”

Anything else that you want to add?

“I want to thank everyone for helping me out along the way.”

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WOD 1/22/2021


3x Max DB Shoulder Press


3 Rounds For Time

50 Sit Ups

80 Air Squat

40 1 Arm DB Push Press (20 each side)


WOD 11/14/20



Back Squats

Bent Over Rows

200m run after each round

Cash out:

50 Air Squats


WOD 11/3/20


Box Jumps


For Time:


Toes 2 Bar

Box Jumps


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation in the body is known to contribute to several chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, inflammatory gut disorders, arthritis, obesity, cancer, and dementia. Eating an Anti Inflammatory Diet may help to lessen inflammation and decrease chronic disease. Here are some simple guidelines:

1) Consume adequate omega-3 fatty acids.
• Eat two servings (4 ounces or 113 g each) of fatty fish per week OR supplement with 1–4 g of combined EPA+DHA daily. These will be listed on the supplement facts label.
• Reduce intake of omega-6 fatty acids to keep ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 in the range of 2:1 to 4:1.
• Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to fish.

2) Choose healthy fats.
• Replace vegetable oils, trans-fats, or butter with extra-virgin olive oil.

3) Increase vegetable and fruit intake (especially vegetables).
• Consume 5–9 servings of vegetables and fruits per day, with more than half as vegetables.
• Color your diet! Deeply colored fruits and vegetables contain higher amounts of protective phytochemicals.
• Use the plate method: the biggest portion (half the plate) is where the vegetables go(excluding potatoes).

4) Choose whole grain carbohydrates and limit the portion sizes.
• Choose carbohydrates that are whole grain and aim for a total of 25 g of fiber per day.
• Rx: Double your vegetable intake, and half your intake of refined carbohydrates (anything with flour and/or sugar)!

5) Get your protein from plant sources such as legumes, nuts, and seeds, and/or choose lean, natural animal sources of protein in moderate amounts (grass-fed or pastured if possible).

6) Spice it up! Include anti-inflammatory herbs and spices such as garlic, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, oregano, cumin, and cayenne in your diet.

7) Eat mindfully
• Be mindful of your food portions. Quality AND quantity matter. Regardless of how healthy your food
choices are, excess calories from any source can increase inflammation and obesity.
• Savor your food, chew slowly and ENJOY IT!!!

Blog Nutrition

My current actions become what future

My current actions become what future? Society has ingrained in our minds that weight is important. Somehow “we know” if we are getting fitter or closer to a body transformation if the number on the scale is going down. Is the scale really the most important thing? Are we taking the actions that put us on the right track for the future we want?

Measure current actions

Here at CFJG, we are all about ditching the scale as our sole measurement. Instead we take biometric measures for additional data points and to help us speak the language that most relate to when thinking about improving their health. Weight however carries less value to us in the grand scheme of better your overall health. Don’t get me wrong, since it matters to you, it matters to us. But we never zone in solely on this number.

In our experience, the number on the scale is the most common number that people reference when trying to gauge their current level of health. Striving to add 10lbs to a deadlift, cutting time off your 1 mile run, or getting a strict pull up sounds awesome. But many who are starting with us may not be able to see how improving physical performance translates to improved biometric measures.

If you’ve been with us for awhile now, we hope we’ve convinced you to chase performance and trust in us that by doing so you will be healthier. A better version of your former self.

Base for the future

We use the Theoretical Hierarchy of Training Development to help guide our athletes to success. This model helps us analyze our members shortcomings or more positively put, areas for improvement.

When you’re looking to get fitter or change any of your biomarkers we recommend you consult the hierarchy first! This will direct you the right current actions that become what future you’d like to have. Those actions will give you the most bang for the buck. Ask yourself, how strong is my base (nutrition)? If you haven’t fine tuned your nutrition yet the good news is you have a ton of potential! May you have done some fine tuning, but it hasn’t stuck. I think we can all admit that our nutrition could be better. The good news is, since nurition is the base, it only takes small changes to start seeing the rewards.

Many people come to us and they tell us of a variety of different nutrition plans they have tried and WORKED. Only for a short period of time though. The probelm is whatever these plans asked of them was management in the moment. Not over the long haul. We’ve run nutrition challenges in the past and the results have been amazing! Each time around we are shooting for the same amazing results and improve our guidance to get long lasting results. Our nutrition challenge has a goal… to make changes that feel less like a diet and more like a new simple lifestyle.

Create the actions

Your task for the rest of this week… is get real with yourself and your food. Journal your nutrition habits… WRITE IT DOWN. At the end of the week ask yourself…

  1. My current actions become what future? What does my future look like if I continue eating exactly how I am today?
  2. Am I ready to make a change?
  3. If the answer is yes… book a Nutrition Intro session.

Our Nutrition Program and our Nutrition Challenge aren’t anything crazy or cold turkey type of programs. They are programs built on progression. Programs we can confidently and easily promote as life changing.

Realize the future

If you’re ready to make changes, we are ready to hold you accountable!

Client Stories

“I just needed that reset button to get back on track” Jackie

Jackie completed the 5 week nutrition challenge to help keep her accountable and was able to lose weight, feel stronger and have increased endurance with her workouts.

Jackie’s Nutrition Story

At the end of the nutrition challenge Jackie spoke with Coach Vanessa about her experience.

Outside of what the In-Body Scan shows are you experiencing improvements in other areas?

“One of the reasons I wanted to continue my journey in weight loss is so that I can perform better when I’m working out. I know that I do more strict pull ups. I can move faster.”

Do you feel that you can continue sustaining this after these 5 weeks?

“Yeah. I can have the foods that I enjoy without feeling guilty. Making sure it’s always portion control. For me it’s easy. I just needed that reset button to get back on track.”

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your results and your experience with this nutrition challenge?

“A huge 10+”

Client Stories

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat” Kerri

Kerri completed our 5 week nutrition challenge and decreased her body fat percentage and lost weight. Not only did the challenge help her physically but mentally as well. Kerri has seen improvements in her workouts, recovery and sleeping habits.

Kerri’s Story

After the challenge, Kerri sat down with Coach Vanessa to discuss how the challenge went and her personal experience throughout the 5 weeks.

As the challenge is wrapping up, how are you feeling?

I feel great, I feel that this challenge has installed some really great habits for me.  I don’t think that I would be at this place without the challenge but it’s definitely going to help me going forward.

What’s something that’s happened over the last 5 weeks that has been going better for you?

I’m sleeping much better.  I always, over the last few years, have had terrible sleeping.  I’m sleeping soundly, it’s great. I don’t wake up as much at night. I don’t feel puffy anymore.

Do you feel that what you’ve learned here over the last 5 weeks is something you will be able to continue?

Yes. There’s never anything that’s been off limit. We’ve just been able to if you feel like having this(meal/snack), make an adjustment somewhere else.  And that’s true to life. I like that we didn’t cut anything out.  It wasn’t a no carb or only eat high fat. It’s more of a life change.

Client Stories Nutrition

“I needed to make some changes, they told me I was pre-diabetic” Mike D

Mike completed our 5 week nutrition challenge and lost 9 pounds while decreasing his body fat percentage by 2.5%. In addition to losing weight, Mike is now eating better, running faster and has more energy.

At the end of the 5 week nutrition journey, Mike sat down with Coach Vanessa to discuss the results and had the following to share:

How do you feel about your results?

“I feel great it’s you know it’s always been a struggle for me so seeing how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time is amazing.”

Is it motivation to keep making these changes moving forward?

“Absolutely. This is just the beginning. I plan on losing more weight and more body fat. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

“This is just the beginning.” – Mike

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