Client Stories

Emilia “I feel happier when I wake up and motivated everyday.”

Emilia recently completed our five week nutrition challenge where she lost 5.7 lbs and decreased her body fat by 1.3%! Emilia talked with Coach Brian to discuss her results from the challenge. See their full conversation below!

Emilia’s Nutrition Success Story

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

“Connecting with my Mom a lot more and feeling happier when I woke up and motivated everyday, I wasn’t really before.”

“Why did you join the nutrition challenge?”

“I joined because I didn’t feel like I was seeing results from just doing CrossFit 3 times a week. “

Tell us a little bit about your successes over the last five weeks.

“I’m pretty happy with the results.

What was the first sign that you were making progress?

“Probably the halfway point. When I saw that I lost a few pounds I wasn’t expecting that at all. I know that my stomach felt a lot better, but I didn’t think that I lost any weight from it.”

When you signed up for the challenge were you hoping to lose weight or for your stomach to feel better? What was the main reason that you wanted to join?

“The number one reason was because of my stomach and losing weight was just a plus from it.”

Were there other results that we wouldn’t know about that you were happy with? (For example, better sleep)

“I do the morning classes for CrossFit and I always used to have go home, shower and take a nap for 2-3 hours before I go into work, I’m there until 10:30pm at night. Now I don’t really need to nap because I have the energy.”

What was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome during the challenge?

I always had quick processed foods and now I learned to like prep everything beforehand.

During the 5 weeks, what do you think the top factors were to help you be successful?

Probably the people in the FaceBook group, just pushing. Also, I feel like Vanessa and Tommy were really on point with the meetings. Everything they talked about, it hit me, like last week the stress one, I really needed that. It was good timing with everything.

If there is someone sitting at home in the same shoes as you were five weeks ago – what would you tell them about the nutrition challenge?

“That it works. I was skeptical about it because I didn’t think that I could be strict with myself but because everybody else doing it with me and talking about it with me. It helped a lot.”

So you feel like the group component with other people doing it with you was helpful?

“Yeah, and my Mom also trying to do it with me. If it was just me in the house I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it, but she was doing it with me.”

Anything else that you want to add?

“I want to thank everyone for helping me out along the way.”

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Client Stories

Kenny “I’m a lot stronger. I’m feeling better physically.”

Kenny’s story about why he is getting fit and how it’s going.

CFJG athlete Kenny Garcia recently chatting with Coach James about coming to CrossFit to get in good shape for his kidney transplant and how he has improved over the last 60 days.

Introduce Yourself

“My name is Kenny Garcia”

Why did you come to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

Initially I started because I’m in the process of getting a kidney transplant so I wanted to be in good physical condition for the transplant. Just wanted to be in better shape.

Tell us a little bit about your success over the last 60 days.

I mean it’s great, I’m a lot stronger, I’m getting through he workouts with a lot more ease. I’m doing more rounds – I’m feeling physically better. I had some joint pain that I was dealing with and it seems to be going away as my muscles are getting stronger. It’s great.

What was that first sign of progress?

I guess when I did one workout and I felt like I wasn’t going to die.

What was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome during these first 60 days?

Just repetition. I struggled through the first few workouts when you had to go for 20 minutes. Now even though it’s still hard, I can get through it.

There is another Kenny out there in the world, they are wathcing this video. What do you say to them about CFJG?

He’s coming in here as soon as he can. It’s fitness, it’s a big part of being healthy – just living a good life.

What’s next on the list to accomplish?

I just want to keep moving up in levels. After my surgery and I come back I want to focus on getting stronger and building up muscle. I’ll focus on doing heavier weights when we do the workouts to make sure I’m keeping the right form and doing things right. Just to level up and go heavy.

Client Stories

Caitlin “I have shocked myself with how far I’ve crushed certain goals.”

Caitlin sits down to chat with Coach James about what brought her to CrossFit Jungle Gym one year ago and how she is now feeling better, faster, and stronger.

Caitlin’s Success Story

Introduce yourself:

My name is Caitlin and I just had my one year anniversary at CFJG.”

Why did you come to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I first found out about the gym and joined because my sister is a member and loves it here. I could see how much it improved her health and fitness but also the comradery and the community that she felt a part of. That’s how I first came, because my sister Melissa is here and it’s been great to workout with her and become part of the community. “

Tell us about some of your successes over the last 90 days.

“So over the last 90 days I have shocked myself with how far I’ve crushed certain goals that I thought were going to take me a very long time to work on. For example, I had a goal of improving some run times and I had a feeling that I had succeeded but I hadn’t realized how far I had come. Between coming to workout more often but also participating in run camp, I jumped levels that I didn’t realize I could in 90 days and I’m still surprised. I’m glad there’s a coach here to verify that it’s real. That’s the biggest one because that’s been a hard goal of mine.”

What was your most recent sign of progress?

“I think that the biggest sign of progress that really struck me was how I feel during and after class and group workouts. I can distinctly remember struggling to get through them, struggling to know what I was capable of at the beginning of a workout and working through it. Now feeling like I can handle the workouts that I may be working really hard but I’m able to do them and feeling stronger, feeling faster, feeling better about how I’m working out and how I’m feeling after.”

What would you say is the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome in the last 90 days?

“I would say the biggest obstacle would be the consistency and accountability that I need being here. So just what I get out of coming to class multiple days a week has been – everything that happens at class has put me that much closer to reaching or completing goals, just coming to regularly scheduled classes. Also, knowing the things we’re working on is keeping me accountable for the things that I want to accomplish. You’re set up for success in group classes here.”

There is a Caitlin sititng at home, watching this video, what do you say to the other Caitlin’s in the world, who are sitting in the same shoes you were, what do you say to them?

“I can remember once sitting at home thinking, yeah it’s probably doable but it’s going to take forever to feel good about it or to feel comfortable working out together. I would say stop wasting your time thinking about how it’s going to take forever. I was talking to coach James earlier about how for a while I was coming a couple days a week and really now that I’m coming it’s part of my routine. It feels so good to be part of the team and to feel myself feeling better. Just get going, its so easy to keep going and feel better and feel part of a great group. That’s enough motivation once you get started, you’re not going to be sitting home watching me chat.”

Client Stories

Kristen : “It’s just really nice to be back in this environment. And in a great environment here at CFJG.”

Kristen recently talked to Coach James about what brought her to CrossFit Jungle Gym a few months ago and how she has progressed over the last 60 days!

Introduce yourself:

Hi I’m Kristen, I’m a Hamilton resident for a couple years now and I teach middle school.

What brought you to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I came to CrossFit Jungle Gym coming out of the pandemic – I needed some normalcy in my life, I needed to get back to the real world. A lot of the places that I had been weren’t open yet. I honestly did a Google search to see what was open and you guys were really close to me. I was like lets go see what they are all about and here I am 60 days later.”

Tell us a little bit about your success over the first 60 days.

“So I honestly, just doing the In-Body Scan, wasn’t expecting to see the numbers as good as they were. James was really proud of me – so that was exciting. But it was nice to have that desire to come to workout again. The pandemic I was all over the place, it was really hard to kinda figure what was, despite having so much time to push yourself and get back into that rythem. Now that I’m back, coming 3 maybe 4 mornings a week, depending on how the week panned out. Feeling that normalcy and getting up at 5am and getting mad when I have an obligation that stopped me from coming. It’s just really nice to be back in this environment. And in a great environment here at CFJG.”

What was your first sign of progress that you’re moving down the road that you wanted to?

“There were a couple little signs. I shared this with you earlier, when I go to put my hair in a ponytail and I see that little line right there – that means there’s a muscle in there. That’s one of those moments where I was like – this stuff is working.”

What was the biggest obstacle that we helped you overcome over the last 60 days?

I think my biggest obstacle was just the mental piece. I do coaching, I’ve been going to the gym for many years and I know my stuff. I still get intimidated sometimes, coming back. CrossFit sometimes has that reputation for being a little intimidating. I didn’t know what the environment was like here. Walking in from day one, meeting James, working through those first 60 days and easing into it was just great. It made me feel super comfortable. Everyone here has been really encouraging and willing to push in a helpful way so it’s really nice to find an environment like this and it really pushes me to be better myself.

There is a Kristen at home right now watching this video, what do you say to them?

All you have to do is set your alarm and show up. If you can get up and get here everything will come into place. Before you know it, you’re going to want to show up everyday. Put the nerves aside, put the reservations aside just get up and do it.”

Client Stories

Kimberly: I needed something to get in shape, two and a half years later and I’m still here.

Kimberly recently chatted with Coach James about how she came to CrossFit Jungle Gym two and a half years ago for a better lifestyle, how she stayed motivated to workout during quarantine and what she wants to accomplish next.

Introduce Yourself

Hi I’m Kimberly Cerasi – I turned 50 today.

What brought you to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

Just a better lifestyle, I tried all these different workouts and you stick with it for a couple months, and kind of fall off of it. I needed something to kick my butt and get in shape. Two and a half years later and I’m still here – must be doing something right.

Tell us about some of your successes over the last 90(ish) days

That was tough, especially going into quarantine and not getting the push from class. I promised myself I got too far where I was, I lost a lot of weight, I got strong. I pushed myself, I woke up Monday – Friday everyday at 6am and did the workout then started work. I did it every morning.

What was your most recent sign of progress?

There’s a couple, power cleans, for sure. We mentioned right before I was at 60#/65# I wanted to get to 75# I can now do 90#/95#, even if its a 1 rep max. Backsquats, we did it from the rig one day because there was only four of us and even though I was at 130# before I left, I got to 115# which I’m proud of, especially for not doing them at home. Also, deadlifts – I can still lift heavy, it feels good.

What was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome over the past 90+ days?

Oh, it goes back to quarentine, the fact that you guys did the videos and kept us in check. Getting the messages from (Coach James) every night, “ok this is what I want to see” and then a little reminder the next day asking how’d it go? It was always like, if I missed a workout, I have to tell him(Coach James) why and that wasn’t going to happen – I’m not making excuses.

What are you looking to accomplish in the next 90 days?

I still want to increase my power clean, my goal is to get over 100#’s. My deadlift, I want to get back past the 130#, getting to 200#’s would be awesome, that seems kind of a stretch. My backsquat’s getting to the weight I was at before and heavier. I was at 130# before so heavier than that.

There is a Kimberly sitting at home watching this video, shes in the same shoes that you are in – what do you say to this Kimberly sitting at home?

You have come so far in the last two and a half years and there is so much more in you. So keep going – you can do it.

Client Stories

Sam “I was looking for something more exciting”

Coach James recently sat down with CFJG athlete Sam to discuss what first brought her to CrossFit 2 years ago, how she stayed motivated during quarantine and what goals she wants to accomplish next.

What made you come to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I had been doing a lot of work with a personal trainer for a while and I was doing a lot of circuit training, which was good, I built a lot of strength. I was looking for something more exciting something with more goals in mind, with more variety.”

Tell us some successes that you have had over the last 90 days?

“Well I have had a big increase in strength, in weight lifting, I do a lot of weightlifting. When we went into quarantine a lot of what I did was strict work and just strength work and I think that helped my overall strength. That was probably the biggest improvement for me over the last 90 days.”

So during COVID you were doing mostly strength work. You came out of COVID working on strict stuff – What was the first sign that when you got back here(after quarantine) that the strength work did something for you?

“I think that just starting to work with the barbell again. I started off doing pressing and even just cleans and it came back really quick. The technique was there – I got a little of technique work in during covid. Adding technique on just helped me to maintain where I was and go off from there.”

So over the last 90+ days with COVID and everything else, what is something that we helped you overcome?

“I think just not getting completely off track. We did a lot of the online programming, just keeping me on track and keeping me motivated.”

What is next for Sam?

“Definitely work on pull ups again, because those did drop off a little bit. Getting my strict strength back up with that, hopefully 10 strict pull ups. Kipping is still pretty good, hoping to get some butterfly pull ups again, which we haven’t worked on in a little while. Conditioning is pretty good but I still want to work on that a little more.”

There is a Sam at home watching this video – what do you say to the other Sam about CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I would definitely give it a try you don’t have to have any level of fitness coming in here. You can start with the intro, the 60 day intro is great. I started just going over how to do an air squat, going over how to do a push up. If your at that level you’ll start from the beginning and work your way up. If you’re a little more advanced which I had a lot of that coming in, I had strict pull ups and stuff coming in – I was still at a point where I could go from there. Whatever level of fitness that you’re at, you can start anywhere and progress and everything can be modified. So it seems intimidating but it shouldn’t be, just go ahead and give it a try.”

Client Stories

Terri – “My Upper Body Strength Has Increased More than I Ever Thought It would.”

Coach James recently sat down with athlete Terri who has been at CrossFit Jungle Gym for 2 years and discusses how she came back from a full reconstruction of her ACL and goals she wants to accomplish next.

What originally got you to come here to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

I needed a change. I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted to go. I needed to get healthier. I decided to take the leap from a big box gym to CrossFit.

What has happened over the last 90 days?

I’m recovering from knee surgery. I had to have a full reconstruction of my ACL.

What’s been some signs of progress from that surgery?

My upper body strength has increased so much more than I ever expected it to. I’m pretty happy with that.

What happened that you really sat there and thought oh I’m really seeing changes from upper body strength?

I guess it started with some of the movements I haven’t been able to do before. I struggled with push ups – I can do push ups pretty easily now. I could never do a pull up – now I got a pull up. People stop me and make comments now about my shoulders, arms and back. It’s a cool feeling. I used to hide them, I don’t hide them anymore.