Caitlin “I have shocked myself with how far I’ve crushed certain goals.”

Caitlin sits down to chat with Coach James about what brought her to CrossFit Jungle Gym one year ago and how she is now feeling better, faster, and stronger.

Caitlin’s Success Story

Introduce yourself:

My name is Caitlin and I just had my one year anniversary at CFJG.”

Why did you come to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I first found out about the gym and joined because my sister is a member and loves it here. I could see how much it improved her health and fitness but also the comradery and the community that she felt a part of. That’s how I first came, because my sister Melissa is here and it’s been great to workout with her and become part of the community. “

Tell us about some of your successes over the last 90 days.

“So over the last 90 days I have shocked myself with how far I’ve crushed certain goals that I thought were going to take me a very long time to work on. For example, I had a goal of improving some run times and I had a feeling that I had succeeded but I hadn’t realized how far I had come. Between coming to workout more often but also participating in run camp, I jumped levels that I didn’t realize I could in 90 days and I’m still surprised. I’m glad there’s a coach here to verify that it’s real. That’s the biggest one because that’s been a hard goal of mine.”

What was your most recent sign of progress?

“I think that the biggest sign of progress that really struck me was how I feel during and after class and group workouts. I can distinctly remember struggling to get through them, struggling to know what I was capable of at the beginning of a workout and working through it. Now feeling like I can handle the workouts that I may be working really hard but I’m able to do them and feeling stronger, feeling faster, feeling better about how I’m working out and how I’m feeling after.”

What would you say is the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome in the last 90 days?

“I would say the biggest obstacle would be the consistency and accountability that I need being here. So just what I get out of coming to class multiple days a week has been – everything that happens at class has put me that much closer to reaching or completing goals, just coming to regularly scheduled classes. Also, knowing the things we’re working on is keeping me accountable for the things that I want to accomplish. You’re set up for success in group classes here.”

There is a Caitlin sititng at home, watching this video, what do you say to the other Caitlin’s in the world, who are sitting in the same shoes you were, what do you say to them?

“I can remember once sitting at home thinking, yeah it’s probably doable but it’s going to take forever to feel good about it or to feel comfortable working out together. I would say stop wasting your time thinking about how it’s going to take forever. I was talking to coach James earlier about how for a while I was coming a couple days a week and really now that I’m coming it’s part of my routine. It feels so good to be part of the team and to feel myself feeling better. Just get going, its so easy to keep going and feel better and feel part of a great group. That’s enough motivation once you get started, you’re not going to be sitting home watching me chat.”


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