Becoming Happy and Capable

How often do you think about what makes you truly happy?

I take about 1 hour a week to recall what is going well in my life… as an athlete, as a husband/father, as a business owner, as a coach (Bright Spots Friday is my favorite day of the week!). Acknowledging progress is about becoming happy and realizing how capable I am. I find myself every night thinking about either how happy am I or what changes I’d like to make to improve my happiness.

My happiness generally comes from my capability to do most physical tasks… with ease, pain free and without having to wonder aka feeling capable. Yet even more happiness comes from a conscious decision to challenge my physical and mental capabilities. It’s probably pretty easy to connect the dots why I enjoy training so much…

You may not enjoy challenges like I do but I’ve never met a person who didn’t want to feel capable or confident. Not only do I want you to feel capable I want you to BE capable. When and where is the time to find your capabilities? In the gym… you need to test the limits to find the limits.

You have to…

You have to squat because it tells you about the function of your lower body. Long workouts where you run out of breathe are important so you know if you have cardiovascular endurance. You need to lift heavy weights. You have to practice coordinated skills. Why? Because you need to do literally all of those things in your daily life.

If you improve your squat it turns into better function of the hips, knees and ankles. What does that function mean to you? Now you can get down on your hands and knees and do some of the handy stuff you used to do. Does that mean you can chase your toddler around without your knee hurting? I hope so. You won’t need someone to help you off of the ground if you fall down, if you’re capable. Being capable might mean you can lift more 2×4’s than anyone else on the job. You tell me what it is to you, but you need the function of all of your body parts… not just your hips, knees and ankles.

Who is in the nursing home?

Think about literally every person who is in a nursing home right now. Why are they there? Loss of physical capability. It’s very hard to become happy if your aren’t capable. We pair the two… with well rounded training programs. Good programs don’t just maintain capacity but build it no matter your age. Every time you step in the gym for a well rounded training program you put yourself another step further from being in the nursing home yourself.

At some point, at some age your ability to build capacity slows down don’t wait too long to get started, you’re the one who will pay the price for it. Just remember you need shoulder range of motion to wipe, and you need hip strength and range to squat down to and stand up from the toilet. Wiping your butt and squatting to the toilet by themselves do not train your improvement, challenging the boundaries of your range of motion and strength does. You should squat with weight, you should squat low, you should squat fast… at the very minimum by contrast your daily functions will feel easier.

Being capable makes me happy… helping other become more capable is my life’s purpose!

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Shed Body Fat Fast

Let’s make an action plan to Shed Body Fat Fast. This article should serve as a base of knowledge to work from.

The 3 Objectives to Shedding Body Fat

Shedding extra body fat is a goal of many Americans. CrossFit Jungle Gym uses proven methods to help get you there! So let’s outline the changes you should be making in order to shed the body fat. Your extra body fat may be holding you back from living the life you want. Whether it’s getting more pull ups, feeling confident at work, running faster or keeping you from going to the beach. We are going to focus on 3 key objectives: higher activity level, increase muscle mass and improving nutrition inputs. These 3 things are going to make losing that extra body fat simple and improve your fitness!

Higher Activity Levels

The first thing we want to achieve is a higher activity level. Doing so is going to expend more of our energy leaving less to become stored as fat. This will help keep us from attaining more fat and begin the process of slimming down.

Increasing your activity level is quite simple. Do more today than yesterday, more this week than last week, more this month than last month. This change in activity level is needed to break your state of homeostasis (staying the same, plateau). This increase will force your body to burn more energy than it did before. Then we’ll begin tipping the balance towards losing unproductive body weight. There are several ways to do this.

Add more movement to your daily activities. You’ve heard it a million times by now but don’t be afraid to park at the back of the parking lot. Don’t be afraid to take the stairs or to walk, run, jump or skip to where you are going. Don’t be afraid to do a couple push-ups, squats or sit ups when you have a couple minutes. Just take advantage of any time that you have to MOVE. There are so many other benefits to body movement besides increasing you activity level it would be silly not to!

Start by committing to a schedule. If you don’t currently workout, commit yourself to doing two workouts a week and pick the days! Don’t go too crazy at the start. We just need to do more than we were doing before we don’t need to go from 0-60! We have all the details sorted out for you in our First 60 Days program.

Build more muscle mass

Secondly, we are going to want to build more muscle mass. Having more muscle mass is like having a larger engine. It burns more fuel, leaving less to hang around to be stored later. Not to mention it shifts the body composition quickly in the right direction!

Nutrition Inputs

Finally, we need to take note of our nutrition. This will ensure it aligns with our goals of losing body fat. It will also allow us to maintain more muscle mass, the good stuff.

The value of a coach

Find a coach or a personal trainer. There are good coaches and trainers all over the country. Finding one is going to help you improve all 3 objectives. Here’s how…

Accountability = Shed Body Fat

Having an appointment or paid session is another commitment that you make that will force you to go.

Knowledge = Efficiency = Shed Body Fat

A good coach is also going to help you be more productive with your time and efforts. Experienced coaches will know the best movements, rep schemes and be fluent in modifying for your needs. Shorting the time to your desired results.

Meet with a CFJG coach and building your plan to shed body fat fast!

If it’s time for you to shed body fat fast start here! Increase your activity levelbuilding more muscle mass and changing your nutrition. This will lead to a fitter and healthier you for years to come. You will be able to enjoy more physical activities and reap the benefits of your newly found active lifestyle!

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