Increasing your Muscle Mass

Increasing your Muscle Mass

Build up your lean muscle mass. The more muscle you have the more energy your body will expend making them contract. This expenditure will help tip the scale in your favor when it comes to losing body fat.

Start lifting some real weight! In order to build muscle mass you have to lift heavy weights (relative to your strength). In order to build muscle mass you’ll want to lift heavy at least once a week! 

Learn movements that will help you build overall strength in 3 areas: Pressing, Pulling and Squatting. Learning, practicing and strengthening your lifts for all 3 areas will help you build more muscle mass throughout your body instead of in just one area. If you don’t know any of these movements already it will definitely help to find a good coach, trainer or workout partner to help you out!

Make sure you have enough protein to support the lean muscle mass that your already have. Then since we want to add muscle mass we want to make sure we have the building blocks to build more muscle.

Improved muscle mass will take heavy lifting of the right movements and insuring that you have the right amount of protein for the job!

Building muscle mass and losing body fat doesn’t end with just protein though read about how to improve your nutrition!


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