How to Workout 5 Days a Week…

Consistency is the most important trait of successful training. Showing up regularly (3 days a week on average or greater) is the easiest way to improve fitness. We won’t get into what type of workouts today, though with an effective program you can get amazing results with just three sessions a week for a LONG time. If you are showing up five days a week it is nearly impossible to not make huge progress. If you have a good coach it will cut the amount of time you need per week down significantly. So here are your tips to get a workout 5 days a week.

Block off 5 workouts on your calendar

If you don’t have a calendar or calendar app yet… get one. It helps you organize your single most important resource, time. If you have a schedule and you follow it, you’ll be able to figure out how to fit in a workout 5 days a week! If you need someone to remind you daily book a NSI and ask about our online programs with accountability.

Have a Home Gym

You don’t need much… more important again than what you do or what equipment you have, is that you set the time aside. Set it aside even if going to the gym eludes you… do an AT HOME WODs!

Don’t Make Excuses

Personal responsibility is your key to fitness success. When you learn that you are in control of your actions, there is no one but you to answer to… Can you go to sleep at night knowing you skipped out on your goal to workout 5 days a week? If you can, it’s time to rethink your goals. If you lose sleep over letting yourself down but are having trouble doing it yourself, we are the right gym for you.

Publicize your goal

Tell others about your plan to go to the gym 5 Days a Week. Give them updates on your progress. Ask for help from others ( will you come to workout with me today at 4pm?). It is important for your progress, that you help others who are in the same shoes you were in. Be their buddy when they ask! Athletes at our gym define 3 objective goals and the corresponding measurements every 3 months. Then they crush them and set new ones and the cycle repeats.

Hope this helps! See you 5 Days next Week!


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