Bright Spots Friday


What is a bright spot?

A bright spot is an improvement from before, something you noticed and that was good. It’s essentially… a PR (personal record). It could just be an improvement from last week. Ex. "I worked out 4 times this week, that means I made time for me!". "I lifted 20lbs more on my Front Squat today!". Or maybe something no one but you would have noticed, "on Tuesday I fit in jeans I haven’t worn since college!".

Why do we care about bright spots?

We care about them for 2 main reasons…
1. Progress is motivating, realizing you’ve made progress means you’re having success and success leads to more motivation. That will lead you down the path to improved results!
2. It’s setting time aside to think about what positive things happened to you, what went well, being grateful. People who are grateful are far more pleasant to be around, they are happier and they have more success. PERIOD.

What should you do?

Every Friday, in the CrossFit Members Only Facebook group… you should post BSF (Bright Spot Friday) then share one or as many brights spots as you’ve had over the week! Last week, my Bright Spots included taking care of a bunch of small things that needed getting done at the gym… jump ropes restrung, putting together the KB and DB racks, hanging penholders. That meant to me that I had time management last week that I hadn’t had in at least 2 months. I put it off because there was other stuff to do. Another one from last week I did 4×20 push ups in the squat clean WOD… I never do large sets like that! PR and another Bright Spot! I guess it was a pretty good week!

How you can help others…

  1. Encourage them to share their bright spots, it is going to make a difference.
  2. If you’re impressed, inspired, in awe of, or wonder what someone meant TELL THEM!
  3. If you see someone a bright spot for someone else, tell them… there isn’t much more motivating that knowing someone else is watching what you do…
We’re excited to read and hear about all your bright spots this Friday!


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