Increase your Activity Level

Increasing your activity level is quite simple, do more today than yesterday, more this week than last week, more this month than last month, etc. This change in activity level is needed to break your state of homeostasis (staying the same, plateau). This increase will force your body to burn more energy than it did before and begin tipping the balance towards losing unproductive body weight. There are several ways to do this.

You should start by committing to a schedule. If you don’t currently workout, commit yourself to doing two workouts a week and pick the days! Don’t go too crazy we just need to do more than we were doing before we don’t need to go from 0-60!

Find a coach or a personal trainer. There are good coaches and trainers all over the country who are going to be able to help you increase your activity level. Having an appointment or paid session is another commitment that you make that will force you to go. A good coach is also going to have experience that will help you be more productive with your time and efforts. Experienced coaches will know the best movements, rep schemes and be fluent in modifying for your needs.

Add more movement to your daily activities. You’ve heard it a million times by now but don’t be afraid to park at the back of the parking lot. Don’t be afraid to take the stairs. Don’t be afraid to walk, run, jump or skip to where you are going. Don’t be afraid to do a couple push-ups, squats or sit ups when you have a couple minutes. Just take advantage of any time that you have to MOVE. There are so many other benefits to body movement besides increasing you activity level it would be silly not to!

Increasing your activity level by committing to a schedule, finding a good coach or trainer and adding more movement to your day doesn’t have to be difficult you just have to start!

Once you’ve started moving lets build some muscle mass!


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