Hierarchy of Training Development

The Theoretical Hierarchy of Training Development

Theoretical Hierarchy of Training Development: Source CrossFit

The hierarchy exists to illustrate properly the priority checklist for improving the quality of your training. This is true of athletes looking to lose weight, gain strength or improve sports performance. As with all hierarchies the are of most importance is the base and it should represent the bulk of time and energy spent on training. For anyone looking to improve their results from a training program should first begin with the base, as it will limit all the rungs above it.


Nutrition is the base of our pyramid and for good reason. Without a solid foundation of quality nutrients in the proper portions we will limit our ability to maximal results. Anyone seeking fitness improvement can find small nutrition changes that yield great results. Those looking to perform at the highest levels will likely need a much more detailed and refined plan. Simply nutrition is the fuel your body needs to support continuous activity, poor fuels have greater burn off and less efficient in their use. The greater your nutrition the more advance your training is capable of becoming and the greater the results you can achieve.

Metabolic Conditioning

Next on the pyramid is Metabolic Conditioning also referred to as MetCon or Cardio or Conditioning. Your conditioning is incredibly limited by the fuel that you intake, immediately and over time. You can think of your conditioning as your ability to produce body movement in a coordinated fashion. You are only able to continue to coordinate movement to the degree that you are conditioned. At some point your physical skills begin to fade as you lack of conditioning is exposed.


Gymnastics: your ability to control your body in space. At some point when your conditioning runs out, body control fades and you can no longer produce the same coordinated movements that you could while you were fresh. Since body control can be diminished by conditioning it is less important than conditioning to your fitness.

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Weightlifting: controlling an external object. As your ability to control your own body begins to disappear, instantly will vanish your ability to control an external object. Controlling an external object whether a barbell, bat, ball, groceries a bag of mulch or an opponent, will become limited after you have lost body control and is why weight training is not as important as gymnastics. We all control external objects throughout normal everyday life, at the limits of our abilities though is where we are able to build a buffer.

Sport: The Unknown

Finally, sport is the unknown and unknowable. In a traditional sense a soccer player will train to perform better on the field and must be able to sprint, cut and kick. However that soccer player does not know in which order they will have to perform those skills or to what degree they will need until the movement they need to. In a daily sense, you may need to protect yourself from danger or do some landscaping in which the exact elements and order of events are unknown as well. We strive through the training of nutrition, conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting to prepare to have a positive outcome for any circumstance that may arrive in sport or in life.We use this hierarchy to guide our programming for our CrossFit classes and highly recommend our nutritional consultations to help widen your base!


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