It May be a long treacherous road but it’s worth taking…

Perseverance is the ablility to take on challenges with stamina and continue through until the end. this is a value of many successful peoaple, businesses, families and teams. adversity is a certainty, overcoming it can be too, with perserverance. success does not come easy nor should it.

Where does this value come from?

There have been a million instances in life that have perpetuated perservearance in my blood but my fathers example is where it started. There was a time in my life, actually more than once where homelessness was a real fear, the first time was after my parents divorce. My dad worked full time, plus a weekend part time job and worked with my uncle installing carpet when he could. He didn’t have any quit in him, he did that for 4 years. He did wahtever it took to make sure we had food, a place to sleep and didn’t have to worry (though i often did). When I first moved halfway across the country, i realized that i would need that same sort of perserverance to make it by “myself”.

My first job after college was at the Hamilton Fitness Center which has since been shut down… I lived in Morrisville and I had to ride my bike to work everyday, rain or shine. It was about a 10 mile ride on the canal trail, 45-55 minutes depending on conditions. Most days started at 5 or 6am so that meant I was peddling my bike starting around 4. I would train the morning shift, sleep in the daycare or the locker room, train the evening shift until 8pm then ride home. There was one point when my entire paycheck went to the rent and all I had was a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and a box of bisquick and $1.96 in my bank account. But I persevered through that tough time, because of the example my dad set. You will figure it out, because you have no choice but to figure it out.

I like to be around people who sersevere through adversity. It inspires me.



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