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Running Program IN HAMILTON, NJ

Running Program

Over the course of 8-weeks you will be coached on your running technique, guided through effective warm-ups and challenged by workouts that are created to push athletes regardless of their current performance level.

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CrossFit Jungle Gym Run Camp

Serving hundreds of runners throughout its time running at CrossFit Jungle Gym, our run camp has proven to be a staple of our offerings and a gateway into the world of fitness here at CFJG.

Running program All are welcome


This program is made to help athletes of all levels. Whether you are the life-long casual runner that is looking for more focused training or the beginner that just wants to start something that you know is good for you. Each workout is designed to push you to be better than you were previously. We’ll meet you where you are currently and help you get to where you want to be!

Running program Better performance


Here at CrossFit Jungle Gym, we know that improving performance is the key to better fitness and health. During run camp you will be coached on proper technique to make you a more efficient runner and you will collect objective data to measure your progress throughout the entirety of camp.

Running program Community


For many of us just getting up and going for a run is difficult. For those focused on performance, improvement takes hard work. You know what makes it easier and more fun? Going through it with a supportive group of like-minded, awesome people. Let’s get better together!

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