The Community that is CrossFit

It's not uncommon to see a supportive hug before or after any CrossFit workout.

When people come into a CrossFit gym there are a lot of differences as compared to your “Globo” gyms.  The lack of “machines”, minimal heat in winter, the opposite in summer.  But the one thing that many people see as a huge difference is the community.   

Most people that go to “the gym”, might know 2-3 people there.  You might chat real quick, maybe nod and smile, but past that, it’s pretty much it.  So why is it different at CrossFit. 

The community starts from when you first walk in, getting to know the coach, building a dialogue, and they start to get to know you.  Then you get in class, you’re now around people that are looking to get fit, same as you.  You start to talk to someone, next thing you’re laughing or swearing about the upcoming workout or the WOD you just did.  You are building a bond, you’re becoming close to that person.   


Next thing you’re doing the same thing with someone else, you’re feeling a common bond.  Closeness.  Everyone feels the same thing you’re going through, everyone is in it together.  The community of CrossFit builds the closeness….. 


Once you build the closeness….the many get built… ( to be continued: The Many).






people working out in a group fitness class


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