The Many

You now have become close with a few people at “the box”.  It’s more than just that nod at the gym, you actually have each other’s phone number and text, you talk outside of class.  It’s not just you and that one other person, it’s now a group of you.   


It’s the (fill in your time slot) crew… 


With many you now have similar goals, focuses, desires, etc.  a common ground.  Ever wonder why people always say CrossFitters always talk about CrossFit…this is WHY… 

Same as if you’re common bond was knitting, basketweaving, NASCAR, etc.  you talk about what you know interests others that are part of the many… 


You also don’t just go to the box, you’re going out outside of gym hours, having something to eat together, catching a movie, maybe drinks, running a race together, competing at a CrossFit comp (or going to cheer the many on), …. 


When many get together, they become POWERFUL… (to be concluded)

people working out in a group fitness class


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