COVID-19 Death Risk and Improving Health

COVID Statistics

“For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups.”

By my own count from the linked CDC website
~150k of the 164k deaths are 55+.
~95k of whom were over the age of 75.
~5k Deaths under the age of 45.

US life expectancy 78.5 years old in 2017.
~5k died WELL before their time (under 45)… related to co-morbidities inherited or by poor lifestyle decisions perhaps?
~95k died and either maintained or improved the US life expectancy. Statistically…having lived a full life. (over 75)
~64k died whose life decisions over the last 5 years are likely the make or break difference in THEIR life or death when facing COVID-19 (aged 45-74)

Of all the aged 45 and under deaths in 2020, 3.9% of them were from COVID. (4,895 COVID / Total 126,339 deaths)

If I were to wager, between 1 and 4,895 of those 4,895 deaths… didn’t mask, didn’t socially distance, had an average 2.6 co-morbidities based on poor lifestyle choices. Then what percentage is left of people who wore masks, made healthy choices (that helped them avoid co-morbidities), socially distanced? That means the legitimate % for someone making positive decisions and is under 45 today, is at maximum 3.9% and likely much closer to 0%.

Age related Percentages

Under 45

Who under 45 is still legitimately worried for themselves?

I’m 32 years old and my likelihood from dying of COVID is 0.000 – .002%. High end of .002% is based on mathematical calculations derived from the CDC website. The low end is calculated based off the logical assumption that at least one of the 4,985 deaths under 45 could have been prevented by actions available to the deceased.


My father a 57 year old man… his % chance of dying from COVID versus another form of death is 9.4% (64,283 COVID / 684,715 total). Resting his likelihood of death this year from COVID at .05%. Once again a percentage that is likely lower for those following basic distancing and masking when appropriate and maintain health.


My grandparents all passed before this age… age related diseases. They were statistically… average americans when it comes to lifespan. But Let’s assume I had an 80 year old grandmother. Her % chance of dying from COVID versus another form of death is 9.8% (95,102 COVID / 967,767 total). Resting her likelihood of death this year from COVID currently at .43%, by far the highest % by age group but considering her already raising the US life expectancy a small little notch still low odds in comparison.

Reasonable actions

As usual, the things that we can control we should. The things out of our control, we can’t control. As an individual hoping to live a long, healthy and quality life these actions are advisable and will increase your odds of success and also decrease the odds you’re goals be foiled by COVID.

Outdoor sessions at CFJG social distance included!

Avoid catching the virus

  • As a general rule staying out of others personal space (within 6′ and inside) will limit their ability to pass unnecessary substances to you.
  • Mask, as a final resort if you choose to do none of the other things this is the “magic pill” that helps to cure all the other lack of effort put in. However! It can help limit the spread of virus to others.

Avoid/prevent/eliminate the comorbidities

What CFJG is here to do…

It’s our mission to improve the lives of our community through training and nutrition. We can do this by providing a superior training experience to our members.

During this pandemic our mission has become even more vital as there is a true test of the survival of the fittest on our hands. If you are concerned about improving your health to stave off the COVID virus we are a proven resource… sign up to chat with a coach.

We are committed to maintaining a safe environment to avoid catching the virus but even more important is we’re out attacking the health factors in which 94% of deaths have stemmed from.

We’re offering socially distanced outdoor group sessions, 1-on-1 sessions in person or online and online programs to suit your individual needs and preferences.


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