What is a CFJG Skill Session?

Are you close to getting that first pull up?

Want to learn the speed wrap rope climb?

Have you seen how fast other athletes fly through box jumps?

Want specific drills to work on your muscle up kip?

Interested in learning how to do touch and go cleans?

Need to string together double unders more consistently?

Want to learn how to use the GHD?


CFJG Skill Sessions are 30 minute one-on-one sessions tailored to you based on your desired skill and current skill level. A skill session with a CFJG coach will help you achieve those high skill movements more quickly. Athletes who are wanting to progress more quickly on a given movement can use these sessions to get right to the point and learn faster. Honing your skills one on one with a coach will help you gain a better understanding of the skill and allow you to get more out of all your workouts!



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