Weekly Workout Preview 7/17/23

MONDAY: GHD Sit-Ups, Handstand OR Wall Walk Holds, Renegade Rows, Weighted Box Step-Ups & Heavy Jump Rope Practice
TUESDAY: Strict Pull-Ups, Burpee Pull-Ups, Sumo DL High-Pulls & Double-Unders
WEDNESDAY: Overhead Squats, Running, Cleans, Thrusters, Back Squats, Snatches, Shoulder-to-Overhead, Front Squats, Deadlifts
THURSDAY: Front Squats, Biking & Handstand Push-Ups
FRIDAY: Rowing, Wall balls, R. KB Swings, Alt. Pistols, Hang Snatches
SATURDAY: “Rock” – Power Cleans, Burpees, Box Jumps, Sit-Ups & Rowing
SUNDAY: Open Gym

people working out in a group fitness class


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