Use your influence to do good.

We are all leaders. Use your strengths and authority to do good.

What are you strengths and how will you use them to give back? Everyone has strengths, and everyone has a forum for which they can express them. Whether they realize it or not. Mrs. G , my 8th grade counselor helped strengthen this notion in me.

There was a school talent show and a bunch of the kids that she met with regularly wanted to paricipate in the talent show, but they felt they weren’t popular enough and would either be booed off the stage or teased by their peers if they signed up. Mrs. G had this wonderful idea that i should lead the group. That if i lead the group, it would be accepted and welcomed by all students. If you know me, i love to sing and dance and have zero shame. I never said i did either of those two things well. i agreed because the other students were so excited by the idea. The day of the talent show I remember getting up on stage and leading the group through our routein. I stood right at the “front line” and was read to deflect any negative energy that came our way (luckily it never did, except for my twin brother and best friend who decided to bust my chops personally, standard family stuff). Thise expereience helped strengthen the concept that we all have strengths, whether we recognize them or not, we have them. It is important to make sure we are using them to give back. Whether your opportunity to influence is through conversations you have with your child, a platform through your profession or another avenue, it is imperitive that you find your way to give back to those around you.

How are you going to leave an impact on this world? How will you leave this place better than you found it? We all have something to offer those around us. Find your outlet and use your strengths to strengthen others! It didn’t take much time for Brian and I to realize this. Brian and I met for a reason. We were both passionate about changing the world in a similar way and shared so many core values. CFJG is one of the ways we work to give back. Although our only intention when we started was to to “give” we have been able to “get” so much from each member who comes in and shows up a new perspective and adds greatness to the community!



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