The Intramural Open 2019

What is the Intramural Open

The intramural open is the most highly anticipated and participated time of the year at CFJG. It runs concurrently with The CrossFit Games Open in which over the course of 5 weeks you’ll complete 5 workouts. Our intramural twist is to increase participation, fun and camaraderie within the gym. The IO consists of 3 teams participating for maximum points over the course of the 5 weeks of the open plus 1 bonus event in week 6. So, lets walk through how the Intramural Open season works.

Captain selection: Jan 1-15

3 captains will be selected: 1 captain will be the returning champion (Laura B of the 2018 champion Snatchtastic). The other 2 captains will be selected from nominations based on their representation of CFJG core values. Captains will be selected by January 15th. Captains are responsible for participating in the draft, operating their team’s private FB group, collect money for team uniforms (~$20), coordinating score submissions, coming up with team name/logo (by Jan 22) and leading their team towards greatness! Captains will submit uniform money and team members shirt sizes by February 14th for order. Want to nominate a captain? Send the name of your nomination and brief description why to [email protected] ASAP.

Draft: February 7th

The Draft will be held Thursday February 7th at 8:15pm. Captains will make their team selections based from the pool of athletes pre-registered for the 2018 CF Games Open at the beginning of the draft meeting. The draft is open to the public for viewing pleasure at CFJG or by FB live from home! Captains will select draft order out of a hat, then we will proceed into the draft as follows:

Round 1: 1-2-3

Round 2: Random Draw

Round 3: 3-2-1

Round 4: Random Draw

Round 5: 1-2-3

Round 6: Random Draw

Round 7: 3-2-1… until all the draft eligible athletes have been selected. Athletes will be draft eligible when… they have officially registered for the CrossFit Games Open AND selected CFJG as their affiliate AND selected CFJG as their team.

Pre-Open: Upon completion of the draft-February 21

The pre-open or free agent period will begin immediately upon completion of the draft. All other members of CFJG who are not registered at the time of the draft are now free agents and can be recruited by captains. In order for any member to be placed on a team, they must be officially registered for The Open and the captain must announce their new team member via the captains only group. So, no two teams can lay claim to the same athlete. We will have a recruitment cap of 15 athletes until each team has reached 15 no other athletes may be added.

Open: February 21- March 25

This is where the participation begins! Each Thursday at 8pm The Open workout will be announced and is to be completed by the submission deadline the following Monday. Every athlete can earn their team 1 point by completing the workout AND submitting their score by the Monday deadline. Athletes can also earn their team 3 points by taking a “Top 2” position in Men’s RX, Women’s RX, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Scaled. (Coaches are ineligible for “Top 2” points). Any team who wins the weekly “Spirit of the Open” award will be given 4 points (criteria defined below). There may be surprise opportunities for additional points during The Open. There will be an updated team standing after each week’s scores are submitted.

Bonus Event 6:

Will be announced on Thursday March 28th at 8pm and will be completed by each team on Saturday March 30th at 9am.

Post Open: April 13th

After The Open is complete and the champions decided. We will host an Awards ceremony in honor of the new Intramural Champions, the Cup, Banner, Championship medals and shirts are to be awarded then. Food will be catered for the champions (free of charge) and pay per plate for anyone else who would like to attend, family is welcome. The awards banquet will be Saturday April 13th at 3pm.

Points and Scoring

Updated standings will be announced at 4pm Wednesday in the CFJG Members Only Group.

Participation- 1 point for each team members completion and timely submittal of score.

Top 2- 3 points for a Top 2 finishes in each of the categories. Men’s RX, Women’s RX, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Scaled.

Spirit- 4 points to one team who has the most spirit. Captains shall submit their teams claim for spirit points based on the following criteria. In a paragraph format should include supporting images (will be voted on by coaches) to the captains only FB group by the WOD submission deadline (Monday evening). Coaches will deliberate over the winners and complete deliberations by Tuesday at 4pm. Final weekly scores will be tabulated and announced Wednesday at 4pm.

  1. Most inspiring moment from a participating athlete from the week. (ex. buzzer beater muscle up)
  2. Most energy.
  3. Embodied CFJG core values.
  4. Incredible accomplishment. (ex. first muscle up, 1000 DU’s in a row)

Example submission:

Blazing Hips earned this week’s Spirit of the Open points. Blazing hipster Seamus Davis brought the entire gym to it’s feet with his incredible finish, he went unbroken on his final 50’ lunge walk to spare him 5s to finish the WOD with a muscle up in buzzer beater fashion! Not only were the Blazing Hips inspiring but they brought energy to every session, cheering and coaching all their athletes from GO to the buzzer, including coordinated chants!  IT was a week of embodying what CFJG is all about by showing incredible perseverance when Celeste Deadlifted her 1RM 55 times even though it was tough you could see she wasn’t going to give up no matter what! More than all that Blazing Hips made incredible strides in accomplishment as Phil, Amanda, John and Ed all got their first Muscle Ups WOW!!!!

When to complete the WOD:

Each Friday during The Open the class WOD will be The Open WOD. So, you may attend class as normal and participate then at 6am, 9am, 4pm or 6pm.

On Saturday you will have the opportunity to complete the WOD during Open Gym time from 9-11am.

IF Friday and Saturday do not allow for you to complete the given WOD we will make our best effort to allow you the space to complete the WOD during our normal operating hours on Monday’s. To ensure you have a judge it is highly recommended you pre-arrange for one (your captain should be able to help you find a judge).


The cost of registering for The Open $20, which you can do here.

The cost of Team Uniform (T-shirt) ~$20, give to your Captain. This is not required to participate.


Thursday Nights at 8pm, announcement parties. Dave Castro will be announcing each week’s workout via live broadcast event where we’ll watch the announcement and 2 CF Games athletes go head to head against one another!

Friday Night Lights… at 6pm will be our main event! If your schedule allows for you to attend Friday nights to do the Open WOD we highly encourage it! The gym will be transformed into a Sports Arena, the energy is super high and it’s an awesome experience. All spectators are encouraged to come watch and bring noise makers.


Team Champions: Team with the most points after completion of the 6 weeks. Recieves The Cup

Fittest Female: The athlete who finishes in the top spot based on the CFJG custom leaderboard.

Fittest Male: The athlete who finishes in the top spot based on the CFJG custom leaderboard.

Top Male Scaled: The athlete who completes ALL workouts scaled and sits atop the scaled men’s leaderboard.

Top Female Scaled: The athlete who completes ALL workouts scaled and sits atop the scaled women’s leaderboard.

Most Inspiring Player: Will be voted on by all participating members and coaches.

How to prepare…

Open Prep Camp: Is an 8 week camp beginning the first Wednesday in January running through the first week of The Open. Improve your weakest area in strength and skill, also get some great conditioning work in preparation for The Open!



Skill Sessions: 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with a coach to work on skills that will help you improve your performance in The Open. Skill sessions are great for: Double Unders, Repeating Box Jumps, Learning to Kip, getting your first Bar Muscle Up, Learning Olympic lifting technique. Schedule a goal setting session with a coach to determine what would work best for you!


Clinics: Can’t make the Open Prep Camp? Request a small group session that will focus on building specific skills you desire in small group setting. Need something like Shoulder mobility program, Double Under clinic, Muscle Up program, Olympic Lift program? Let us know what you’d like to see, e-mail your request to [email protected].


CrossFit Classes: Attending regularly will help you build your base of fitness and understand your weaknesses. Get to at least 3 classes a week!

How to register…

For The Open: go to

For the Intramural Open: register at, then captains will be contacting you shortly!

For Open Prep Camp: go to


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