Shanta: ” It feels like a real community and everyone supports you.”

Shanta recently completed her first 60 days at CrossFit Jungle Gym and sat down with Coach James to discuss her progress over the last few months.

Introduce Yourself

“Hi everyone, I’m Shanta.”

What brought you to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“Well I started out about a year go, but then I ended up getting cancer and went through treatment. Then I was like, you know what, instead of going to the gym or going into boxing I really enjoyed CrossFit and the atmosphere, everyone was so welcoming. I was just like I need to get back, it feels like a real community and everyone supports you.”

Tell us about your success over the last 60 days?

“I did gain a little bit of skeletal muscle and I did shaved some time(2 minutes!) off the first workout that I came in and did. “

What would you say was your first sign of progress?

“My first sign of progress was when I was able to squat with some weight.”

What would you say was the biggest obstacle we helped you overcome over the first 60 days?

“I guess you could say the upper body. When I first came, I couldn’t do a push up, I had to do it with the box. When it came to doing the toes to bar, I didn’t know if I could hold myself up. So I realized that I can hold myself up – I did the 15 second hold and the knees(to elbows).”

There is another Shanta at home, watching this video, she’s in the same shoes you were in before you signed up, what do you say to her?

“I would say come on in, its probably going to be the best decision you will every make. If you want to get fit everyone here is welcoming, judgement free and they support you – it doesn’t matter, wherever you are at.”


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