“They said, we kind of don’t recognize you” Scott

Scott completed our 5 week nutrition challenge and the results were astounding. By the end of the challenge Scott lost 20 pounds and decreased his body fat percentage significantly. Not only is he feeling better, Scott’s doctor’s have also noticed the improvements.

In addition to losing weight, Scott is now sleeping better, moving better and has more energy.

Scott met with Coach Vanessa after the challenge to discuss how he was feeling and had the following to share:

How do you feel about your results?

“I feel good. I feel great waking up everyday. I’m moving better. Life’s better.”

Can you continue to do this after the challenge?

“Yes. It’s all about the preparation. Take a couple hours on Sunday to set yourself up for success for the week. Take 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon to know you’re going to be good for the week, it’s a pretty easy investment.”

When’s the last time that you have seen changes like this?

“Probably going back to high school when I was competing competitively”

Scotts Nutrition Success Story

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