RX Your Benchmarks Checklist

Pick out a CrossFit Benchmark workout:

Make a checklist of the movements and the weights necessary to complete the workout as it is prescribed.




For Time:


Handstand Push Up

Deadlift (225/150)


Work on the necessary skill and strength work to accomplish each movement for 1 rep. Once you have one rep you can now begin additional skill work as well as volume work. The same(skill and volume work) applies to when you try to improve your time on a specific workout. As you try to improve your times on workouts the cycle times, rest times, and pacing come into play, doing movement specific work on cycle times, rest times and correct pacing will be huge bang for the buck. As you improve sometimes the basic movement techniques must change in order to move faster!


You can use a basic workout checklist to improve your WOD times:

1. Can I do the movements?

2. Can I do that many of the movements at that weight?

3. What skill for each of the movements can I improve?

4. How can I improve cycle times and cut down on rest times?

5. Are there other techniques that can help me move faster?


Try it out, and stay tuned to our Demos and Tutorials page for movement programs!





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