Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice.

Anyone can do it and everyone will benefit from it. Perfecting basics to the point where they are automatic increases results dramatically. Great movement is the key to all fitness success. Quality movement ensures safety, consistency, efficiency and efficacy. If your movement is good you can sustain effort longer with less energy, you can move larger loads without fail, you can create more power which is more fitness. What is fitness… it’s the weight loss you seek, it’s the strength you desire, it’s the health your grandparents didn’t have. Perfect practice is necessary to level up to the results you want… so what is it…

Perfect practice is…

  1. Slowing down to improve quality of movement

  2. Doing box squats when you struggle to keep your shins vertical in a squat

  3. Getting braced before every rep

  4. Thinking about what you’re doing

  5. Striving for control

  6. Air squatting like you have a 300# bar on your back

  7. Paying attention to details

  8. Listening to what you coach sees

  9. Asking how the details pertain to you

  10. Knowing consistency trumps all

  11. Assuming you need to do 10,000 more reps to get it perfect… then starting.

Perfect practice is not…

  1. Sacrificing position for speed

  2. Beating your workout partner by 1 no matter what

  3. Blindly following along

  4. Going through the motions

  5. Doing anything without purpose

  6. Forgetting to get braced before a push up

The right time for Perfect Practice is every day. When you get better you’ll practice it more often… eventually it will seap into everything you do and you’ll be living your life on purpose.

Brian Zimmerman


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