Nutrition Exercise: The Kitchen Clean out

Today’s nutrition tip to improve your body your health and overall performance is a basic one but super important. When we’re getting started so when we’re trying to make changes nutritionally it’s very important like any change that we set ourselves up for success.

So today’s tip is The Kitchen Clean Out a lot of times when I meet with members or new clients I ask them some basic questions just to get an idea of what they consume on a regular basis. Quite often I receive a response along the lines of “Well, I eat this but I know I could be making a better choice” or “I know that’s a bad food or that’s bad for me”. One of the tips I get to get started is kitchen clean out.

Literally, get rid of any option that you know leads the temptation and maybe causes overeating or that you know gets you farther away from your goal. I don’t ever require anybody to eliminate anything completely from their nutrition plan. I like for you to think of foods as unfavorable or favorable. Certain foods will get us closer to our goal and other foods may take us farther away from them. We definitely work with moderation we don’t eliminate anything completely. There are somethings that you love and we keep them in your meal plan. We just talk about frequency and amount but for a starter a beginner, somebody just getting started making nutritional changes, it’s very important that the kitchen cleanup takes place.

In order to be successful you need to set yourself up for success. I’m not saying that you can’t ever have these things again but in the beginning I highly recommend a kitchen clean-out. Get rid of anything that brings you farther away from your goal or leads you to temptation. Something where you feel like you lose control and you can’t make sure that you’re eating it in an appropriate amount.

With that said when we’re packing lunches and things along those lines if the choices that we have to choose from in our own home are better we’re going to make better selections.

Set yourself up for success do your kitchen clean out, get rid of anything that brings you farther away from your goal until we’re ready to incorporate it in a healthy amount.If you have any questions leave them in the comments

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