“All around feeling so much better after being here” Jason

Jason started at CrossFit Jungle Gym about 3 months ago to improve his fitness and mental health. After completing our first 60 days program he sat down to chat with coach James about his experience.

Jason’s First 60 Days Interview
So why did you come to CrossFit Jungle Gym?

“I was going down a bad direction and I needed to get all aspects of my life together, fitness, mental health, everything. Coming here with the group setting and everybody to back you up. It’s been 3-4 months later and fitness has gone up, my mental health is great. Just all around feeling much better after being here.”

What was the biggest obstacle we hoped you overcome?

“I would say the consistency. If I started slacking, I think there was a week where I hit one day that week. James sent me a message and I was in 3 times a week every since.”

What are you looking to accomplish next?

“My next goal is I would like to get a 5k under 30 minutes and a longer term goal is I want to do a triathlon.”

Is there anything you would want to say to anyone at home who was in the same shoes you were in?

“The first thing you need to do is be self aware and say you need to make that change. Come in, you show up once, talk to the coaches and have all the motivation once you come in. They’ll help you through the first 60 days, the program they have. The motivation from them and the community of being here. You’ll start to do three days a week and you’ll make that consistent and after a month you’ll feel so much better.”


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