How to Drink Beer and Not Get Soft in the Middle

How to drink beer and not get soft… in the middle…

Today we’re discussing how to drink beer (can also be applied to wine… or liquor… or any cheat food/beverage for that matter) and not get soft in the middle. Before we proceed… I want to note that alcohol is never your best food choice for fitness gains. This article is only to provide solutions to making better choices when partaking. We have found that many people have difficulty navigating social gatherings and the food presented at these gatherings but when there is beer… its now at a whole new level of challenge. So today I’m here to share some strategies to still involve your favorite beers.  


Go to a party enjoy beer.


Still meet the nutritional needs of my training


Without over exceeding carbohydrate.

Strategy 1

Change the beer. Lite beers have less carbs… this is actually probably my least favorite strategy but would theoretically be easiest to implement. I personally would rather have no beer than light beer. 

Strategy 2

Eat your protein and drink your beer. Having a balance between carbohydrate and protein is arguably more important for your health than anything else, and that doesn’t change just because you’re having some brewski’s. So when you’re drinking your beers, get rid of all other carbohydrates to save them for another beer. The general guideline is 1oz of protein for each beer. 6 beers + 6 oz chicken breast… = balanced macronutrients.

Strategy 3

Still eat protein at each meal leading up to but remove carbohydrate. Those of you who follow a more flexible eating plan in which the main goal is to not be in daily macronutrient excess or deficiency, you can eliminate carbs from earlier or later meals and save them up to hit your goal in beer carbs. I hope one of these strategies will help you at your next social gathering, keep your training on track and help enrich your life!  

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