How do you actually RX a workout?

First what is “RX’ed”?

It is “as prescribed”. When you complete the WOD or a movement exactly as it is written on the board. Doing workouts without dropping the weight, having to modify the reps, range of motion or substituting a movement all together.

But what is the real RX?

The real RX of a workout is a feeling. If the goal of the workout is to elicit a strength response it feels different than a workout that is meant to elicit a flexibility response. Likewise, aerobic capacity feels significantly different than lactic tolerance.

If you complete an aerobic workout and reach muscular failure (gone to heavy) you’ve missed the point, you’ve hit a different point, but not the intended point. Is this a problem? If this happens once in awhile… no. The more this happens though the less likely you are to reach the intended stimulus of the long term plan.

How do we get you to hit the RX EVERY day?

We do it with programming and coaching. We pick workouts that lead to a set goal at the end of a cycle. We predetermine the modifications and subsitutions each workout will need based on the intended “feel” and your objective skill level. This may mean doing step ups instead of box jumps, it might mean doing 5 reps instead of 10. It might mean using a different technique. This is what a program with goals should look like.

Coaching… the human side. All of the above can change instantly because… you had a mentally fatiguing day at work or your child was awake at 2:30am or because you realized the wall balls yesterday affected you more than you thought. It’s telling you to go faster when you’re going to slow, it’s telling you to slow down when you’re going to fast. It’s the explaining why this workout is important to you and how to get to the right “feel”.

The RX’ed feel of the workout…

If we intend to use the workout to make you stronger, it should feel like a full body exertion.

If we intend to use the workout to improve aerobic capacity, it should feel like your heart and lungs will give way before your quads.

If we intend to use the workout to improve stamina, it should feel like muscle burn and fatigue.

If we intend to use the workout to improve coordination, it should feel like you’re thinking… do this, then that, finally this.

Maximizing your efforts

The best way to get the most out of every workout is to know what it’s supposed to feel like. Listen to your coach and don’t be shy if you don’t think you’re getting the right feel. Try to hit the right feel every day.

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