CrossFitters Top 10 Holiday Wish List

CrossFitter’s Top 10 Holiday WIsh List:
1. Jump Rope – Having your own jump rope outside of what’s available at the gym can really help your overall fitness, as it allows you to get a good handle on the weight, speed and feel of the rope while training.
2. Insulated Water Bottle – Bring a water bottle to class so you’ll stay hydrated and avoid overheating.
3. Reebok Nanos – You can run, do double-unders, climb a rope, and deadlift, all in the same shoes.
4. Gym Bag – You need somewhere to store your work clothes, jump rope, shoes, and water bottle.
5. Weight Vest – For Murph.
6. Rogue Fitness Gift Card – Treat yo’ self.
7. WOD Notebook – Bring a notebook to every workout so you can keep track of your weights and reps. This is a good way to track your PR’s and set new goals.
8. Kettlebell – For those days you can’t make it to the gym but still want a good workout.
9. Silicone Wedding Band – Working out with a metal band can be unsafe and the possibility of losing your ring is worse.
10. Skill Sessions with A Coach – We can all use a little help with one or more movements and what better way to work on them than with some personal attention from a coach.



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