Check Your Hunger Cues

Check Your Hunger Cues!

Too many times we find ourselves reaching for something to eat when we aren’t even hungry.

How many times have you found yourself reaching for snacks and foods when you weren’t truly hungry? Here are some ideas to help check your hunger cues.

Do This:

  • Pay close attention to the signals telling you to eat.
  • Are they physiological or psychological?
  • Ask yourself how long it has been since your last meal and are you truly hungry, or are you eating out of stress, boredom or anxiety?

Why it Works:

Simply developing enough awareness to question your own motives for reaching for something to eat can be a powerful tool in aiding your weight loss.

This is where you can spot your emotional eating habits by learning to question your motives before taking in unnecessary calories out of boredom, anger, anxiety, sadness or just plain old habit.

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