Chase Goals, Not Butterflies

This is why you have (or should have) a coach:

There’s too much information out there. You know you can’t do, research, and filter everything. A lot appears to be good, certainly sounds good… so what should you do?

There are a million meal plans, fad diets, fly by night ab programs, legititmate programs, scam products, supplements, equipment you name it…

You can’t do it all, you shouldn’t do it all and doing more than you should only overwhelms you. I was as guilty as anyone has ever been 7 years ago…

You’ve heard of overtraining, you certainly don’t want to get hurt. What is lesser known is there’s a minimum, optimal and maximum amount to workout for each person. Just like there is optimal amounts of food to eat.

Too little, and your progress will be slow. Doing too many workouts can have the exact same effect or worse.

We choose CrossFit for our group training because it’s a great balance: It’s not too little of any one thing and it’s not too much of any one thing. Sometimes you’ll be attempted to do extra… the same WOD twice in one day even. This is NOT the path to success.

For a big portion of the general populations more is better, but not because better but because something is better than nothing… More is NOT better. Better is better. 1 is better than 0 but 7 is not necessarily better than 5.

You have a coach. That coach is your filter.

Your coaches are here to tell you what’s optimal, not what’s minimal.

At CrossFit Jungle Gym, our coaches want to talk to you every 3 months. One-on-one, in person. We want to put you on the InBody, ask about your goals, review your progress and then give you the best possible prescription.

E-mail [email protected] to book your goal review. It’s part of your membership!

There is no need for you to guess what you should do…

We don’t want you wasting time on fad diets, just because a paids spokesperson said you should. We don’t want you wasting a year of your life and effort trying to solve problems we’ve already solved before. We don’t want you doing something just because your gym buddy is either. We want you on the right plan for you! Your goals, your budget, your obstacles, your life all affect your plan. Do you need group training to accomplish your goals? Do you need a better nutrition plan? Tell us what you want to do, we’ll tell you how to get there the best way that fits for you! That’s what our coaches do.

You have a coach.

They’re a filter. Taking 100 potential solutions and boiling them down to the 1 that will work for you. You don’t need to get the 4 year degree, the 12 different certifications, the 1000’s of hours of experience, you need those people to assess your position in relation to success, then point to your next step.

Next time you see a supplement, diet plan, shoe, or “spicy workout” and think “I NEED THAT” ask your coach if it fits your goals. Take it from me… I was a test dummy for all the things you think you should try… so were the other coaches. Pull from their experience… your results will come much faster than ours!

Brian Zimmerman

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at


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