WOD 3/29/2019

Published March 29, 2019


15 minutes
Crabby Collector (teams of 2-4)
Line up an odd number of wall balls in the center- team starts on opposite ends of the gym. At "go" one person from each team crab walks to the line of balls, puts in their lap and crab walks back to their side, when they cross the next person from the team can go. Team with most Wall-balls wins.

Remaining Time:
15 Banded Pull Throughs or RDL
10 Ring Rows
10 Hollow Rock
10 Reverse Step Lunges (e/s)


12 min Ascending: Strict pull up, reverse lunge, strict ring dip, sit ups

12 Min AMRAP
Strict Pull-up
Goblet Reverse Lunge w/ KB or DB (x2)
Strict Dip (rings or bar)
Sit-up (x2)

-53/35, 35/25, no weight
-Ring rows and Push Ups

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