WOD 3/26/2019

Published March 26, 2019


15 minutes
PVC Musical Chairs (5:00)
Hold PVC pipe upright on the ground in front of you. Group stands in a circle. Coach yells direction: left or right, you move to the direction and leave your PVC for next person to grab - if a PVC pipe drops the person who missed it does a penalty movement of your choice.

Remaining Time:
10 Scap Pull-ups
10 Arch-Hollow Swings
10 Dumbbell Press (e/s)
10 Reverse Step Lunges


RFR: wall ball, DB snatch, DB OHS, TTB, Pull Up

5 Rounds:
3 min AMRAP
50 Wall balls
40 DB Snatch
30 DB Overhead Squat
20 Toes To Bar
15 Pull-ups
1 min Rest

*Pick up where you left off.

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