WOD 3/18/2019

Published March 18, 2019


20 minutes...
400m Wall Ball Run
Start in a line, and give the person in the front a 4lb wall ball. Have the group start jogging and the person in front toss the ball to the person behind them. This will continue until the ball reaches the back of the line, at which point that person will run to the front.

Weather substitute: Play 10 minutes of ROWLING

Remaining Time:
30s Plank on Hands (Scaps Protracted)
30s Active Hang (Scaps Retracted and Depressed)
30s Walking Lunges
30s Box Push-ups
30s Banded Lat Pull-downs


12 AMRAP: HR Push Ups, Strict Pull Ups, 50 Pistols

12 minute AMRAP
50 HR Push-ups
30 Strict Pull-ups
50 Pistols

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