WOD 2/13/2019

Published February 13, 2019


Huddle Game (7 mins)
All but one person get in a "huddle", arms over each other's shoulders. Then choose one person in the huddle that the group must "protect" from the one person who is outside of the huddle, and whose goal is to tag that "protected" person.

3-5 minutes, easy rounds of:
10 Banded External Rotations (each side)
10 Banded Internal Rotations (each side)
10 Wall Push-ups or Push Ups
10 Sotts Press w/ PVC


Ring Dip 10 X 3

EMOM... 1 Muscle Up, 3-5 Ring Dips or Jump to Stabilize (pick your poison but have success)


FT: Wall Ball, Row, Wall Ball

For time:
25 Wall-balls (20/14)
500m row
25 Wall-balls (20/14)

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