Structured Sessions

Every session at CFJG has an itinerary. What this means to you is that there will be no time wasted in the gym ever again. You don’t have to think about how to warm up, what workout you should do or if you’re doing it right. Our structured sessions ensure you will get better results.

Professional Facility

Our facility has all the space and equipment required to maximize fitness results.

Caring staff

Our staff genuinely cares about each of our members, we know your goals and we want you to succeed… not just in the gym.

Excellent Coaches

Our staff has over 30 years of coaching experience in the field of fitness. We’ve successfully trained hundreds of people to accomplish there goals.

Easy to get started

We make it simple to get started… Meet with a coach to discuss your goals at a No Sweat Intro. Then your coach is going to prescribe you the best path to get there. Then you and a coach will assess your progress and set new goals every 3 months.



We love training and we create an environment that is enjoyable. CFJG is not like any gym you’ve been too before.

Multitude of services

Not every person needs the same things to accomplish their goals. We have all the services you need to accomplish yours. We offer CrossFit for all ages, Nutrition Consultations, Personal Training, Mobility sessions and specialty programs.

Family oriented

Families who workout together and are supportive of each others goals live more fulfilling lives, we’re here to help (read our mission statement).


Kids and Teens program

Kids need fitness too! We’re the only gym in the area that has a Kids or Teens program, if you want your kid to have a head start in fitness we’re the only gym around to help.



Welcoming atmosphere

Jerks don’t fit in here, so they leave. This gym is full of supportive, friendly, kind and hardworking people.

Clean and organized facility

Our facility is dependably clean and organized which leads to more organized time efficient and effective sessions.

Lots of class offerings

We have nearly 40 class offerings every week and sessions available around the clock.

Great location

We are located in Hamilton, moments away from I-195 on the corner of Kuser and Yardville-Hamilton Sq Road.