What are some good Post Workout ingredients?

Post workout nutrition is important for many reasons. Today’s discussion however is about what ingredients you might use and a little bit on why. 


Generally speaking we prefer to use a PWO drink only because it’s easy to consume in the optimal timeframe, it also is more palatable after a greuling metcon. It’s difficult for most people to consume whole foods during or immediately after a workout. So here are our favorite options.

Protein: pick a whey protein powder that consists of nearly all protein (very low carb or fat content). Natural Whey is available in our vending machine in case you forget yours.

Carbohydrate: pick an available carbohydrate beverage, preferably one that matches well with your protein powder flavor. If you have chocolate powder it may not mix well with lemonade for example. Some of our favorites are chocolate almond or regular milk, coconut water or lemonade several of which are available in our vending machine if you forget yours at home.

Fat: should not be included in the PWO because it will slow down the digestion and absorbtion of protein.


Let us know your favorite PWO combos in the comments below!


Read more about how much protein you should have in your PWO.

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