Unlimited Gains or Plateaus and Stagnation

What is the difference between unlimited lifelong fitness gains and lifelong frustration, plateaus and stagnation? The difference is in systems, specifically starting with the feedback loop.

What is a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is the cycle in which you measure a specific data point (in fitness you can use a variety of data points), go through an event intended to improve the data point, then measure a data point again. The difference in measurement 1 and measurement 2 is the effectiveness of that program for a given individual.

Data is collected. Now what?

One of two things happen with collected data… nothing or something.

Nothing is what usually happens and causes stagnation. “I’ve been running for 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 years but haven’t lost weight.” “What are you doing now?” “I’ve been running for 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 years”. Data collected weight, action taken, data collected, same action repeated, result… never changed aka plateau.

Something is the right answer if you want different results… unlimited fitness gains or regression. If you are a data driven person and you have this on lock for yourself and you’ve been tracking this for yourself you have n=1… one data point to use and learn from the problem. A fitness facility that has 100 members and collects data from 100 members… that’s n=100. Our fitness facility that has had hundreds of members and collected data points on all of them for years. How much faster can you learn? Over 100x faster. We use this data to make the best possible recommendations. What does that mean for our clients? More and more fitness gains less plateaus and stagnation. Less time cost to our members, when they follow the process and the recommendations that have been given based on that data.

Your Goals Your Data.

What is your fitness goal? Here are the data points you should be collecting…

Be healthy

  • Body Fat %
  • Inches
  • Weight
  • Performance Tests

Lose weight

Get stronger

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Performance Tests

Improve Sports Performance

  • Specific Performance Tests
  • General Performance Tests
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass

Get 6 pack abs

Tone Up

  • BF%
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Inches

Do fun or challenging workouts

  • Your subjective opinion

How often should I collect data?

We collect data on day 1, day 60 then every 90 days after that, this is how we can virtually guarantee unlimited fitness gains and no plateaus and stagnation. Our data collection sessions are called… Goal Setting Sessions. Goal Setting sessions are a time to collect objective data, assess progress and adjust the plan according. Coaches then analyze: the plan that was recommended, the plan that was selected, the adherence of the selected plan, the outcome of actual actions taken, the limitations the individual notes that kept them from perfect execution… then based on those answers recommends the plan for the Next 90 Days.


Our measurement tools

So you know your goal, you know the data you should be collecting, but you don’t have the tools to get high quality data?

Unlimited fitness gains await you…

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