The Rules We Play By

Also known as… The CrossFit Jungle Gym Core Values

We cultivate an environment of belonging.

  • We believe that with the right support, people feel like they belong to a tribe. This isn’t just a belief we’ve seen support in action.
  • Honesty is the foundation of trust and if we are going to help you change, you’ll need to trust us. We know the feeling of broken trust and it’s important to us you never feel like this…

We believe there are no limits.

We lay tracks for those behind us to succeed.

  • We take others with us by documenting what works… it starts with objective measures but what that looks like is systems, SOPs and knowledge sharing.
  • It’s important to share success with others and one of the best ways is to give more than you take.
  • We use the influence we have for good: repeating successes, improving on failures and passing down of what we learn.

We meet everyone where they are.

  • We know not everyone is a fitness guru, in fact if you were you probably wouldn’t need us. What you need now is different from what you’ll need a year from now… let’s do the thing you need now!
  • Everyone has a place on the team so long as they have the desire and effort levels to remain a positive force!

people working out in a group fitness class


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