The Powerful

You have now become close with your fellow CrossFitters, and because it’s not just two of you, you have become many.  Now with these common bonds you have become POWERFUL. 


You are now pushing each other not only at the gym, but in life.  Everyone looking to become a better version of themselves.  You now have many cheering you on to be better, and when you get there they are celebrating that moment.   


During class you feed off the energy from those around you, getting that one more rep, holding onto the bar a bit longer so you finish a bit faster.  The person next to you not putting down the bar, so you don’t.  Everyone chasing the same thing, to become the best version of themselves.   


No matter if it’s a fist bump, a high five, a hug, or a WOOOOOO!!!!!  The many are not going to let you fail, give up, or stop trying.   


It’s more than just that “gym buddy” it’s a whole community of coaches and athletes that want you to be the best you.   

Now that is POWERFUL, that is the CrossFit community…


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