The Next 90 Days Program

The Next 90 Days

At CFJG you start with The First 60 Days… Everyone trying to attain fitness must know the basics of training, have a steady routine and experience initial sucess if they hope to succeed in the long term. After getting the ball rolling in the First 60 Days:

1. We evaluate your progress and success.

2. Then we help you set 3 observable, measureable and repeatable goals.

3. Finally we come up with the game plan to get there

4. Then we help you execute the plan, by picking the perfect training options for your skill level, accountability level, previous success or failure, desired speed of change, etc.

90 Days Later

It’s important to review and revise goals regularly (every 3 months). Why? We should have produced some results by now! We’ll be able to take stock on your acheivements, progress or better understand what you need to succeed. We want to deliver measurable results to you and hold you accountable to achieving your goals. Which goal setting session is right for you? We have 3 session types to choose from…

1. Goal setting: sit down and write out 3 measurable goals with a coach.

2. Performance Test: Test or retest a benchmark workout.

3. Measurements: Get your BF% scan and tape measurements to check progress.

What happens when you follow the program?

1. Continued success in fitness

2. Improved accountability

3. Join the Goal Crusher’s Club when you hit 2 or more of your goals (shirt included)!


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