We understand you have limitations…

Support is necessary for success in any endeavor. We will support your efforts to the best of our abilities and to the extent of your limitations. We understand training doesn’t happen in a vaccuum, you have emotions, you have work, you have life all around you everyday. We’ll coach you to your best each day.

Where does this value come from?

I had a terrible coach that taught me about support… through his lack of support and understanding. He expected that everyday was our best day ever, he expected that we performed at that level, he demoralized those who didn’t perform above their best everyday. His expectations were unrealistic by any measure. He had the same expectation for all americans as bench guys who walked on. His coaching style was effective for those who were motivated by fear and no one else.

How does that apply to you?

We have many coaches with varying experience levels but all of them were selected in part because of empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. They are able to put themselves in your shoes and understand what you need to hear, what you need to do and they know how to help you. We require it of them. We promise to empathize, to understand and to coach you accordingly. A deadlift PR is not always what is important, external rotation and loading yoru hips may not be either. Having a coach who understands and cares is always important though.

We promise you that.


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