Barbara Cenker: Body Composition Challenge Testimonial

Published December 24, 2017

So for everyone out there who doesn’t know you or where you started before this body composition challenge - would you tell us a little bit about your story and why you decided to commit to this 6 week nutrition challenge at CrossFit Jungle Gym?

It seems with every decade milestone celebrated-  along comes a few pounds that just get stubborn and refuse to “get lost”, so after dealing with this for a few years, my daughter said I should do this challenge, so I did,  and things began to change………

 Would you give us a little background on some of the changes you made during the challenge?

Eating the right foods, although I never thought I was eating “badly”  apparently I was .  My biggest change (and hardest) was giving up the sweetner I was using, while I am not totally off of it, I use at least half or more than half of what I did before.  Also don’t have my nightly ice cream treat  and not that I was a big wine drinker, that is a special occasion drink now.

 Were the guidelines and rules set out by the CrossFit Jungle Gym coaches manageable to follow? Did you feel like you found a good balance or do you feel like we put you on one of those extreme crash diets that would not be maintainable after the Challenge?

No, I am still on the same eating program that I was during the challenge with an occasional cheat meal, the biggest “problem”  is prepping and having the right thing on hand so I don’t find myself in a situation without “my foods”.

 Tell us about your results after just 6 weeks (this can be number based, specific results or just overall how you feel, or possible updates you receive at your latest Dr. appointment). Anything that you feel you would like to credit to your hard work during this challenge?

Results were better than I thought they would be, but  I did not get a report on the before/after measurements, so just judging by the fit of my clothes, I’d have to say it worked, I also changed my sleep habits and now push for at least 7 hours every night and have more energy and am able to do more exercise classes during the week than I did before.

 Where do you plan to go from here? Do you think you you’ve been equipped with the knowledge to continue this on your own or do you plan to continue to work with a CrossFit Jungle Gym Coach?

Keep on track with eating/sleeping/exercise program, would love to have a coach to work with, but don’t see that happening right now.

 What are three things that changed in your life for the better as a result of participating in this challenge with us at CrossFit Jungle Gym?

Eating better, sleeping better and have more energy

 What are you most proud of accomplishing during these last 6 weeks? 

Getting thru it without falling off track but the one time, that was my goal, to keep on the eating program without “cheating”, now that I’m finished, a cheat meal/drink doesn’t bother me, I know I’m strong enough to say no  before I go overboard.

Explain how the Coaches and other members supported you during the challenge? Did you feel like you had the support you needed from the CrossFit Jungle Gym team to succeed once and for all?

Loved the once a week group meet/talk/exercise, brought to light what others were struggling with and also how they were succeeding so that I didn’t feel like I was in the boat all by myself.

 Were you totally satisfied with your results over the last 6 weeks? (Responses either) “ totally satisfied” or  “not exactly” if not exactly explain why…

While I was hoping for more weight loss, I was satisfied with the fact that the challenge was working and that I have to stay on it to get to where I want to be.

I can guarantee you that someone who doesn’t know you is reading this at home- if they are in a similar boat as you and are looking to make a change and you could tell them only one thing about getting started here at CrossFit Jungle Gym what would you say?

Try it, no matter what your doubts, if you want results you need to start sometime and there are people at CFJG who want you to succeed


Get Started Today!!

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