Nancy Shapiro: "I was ready to try to put on some more lean muscle!"

Published December 14, 2017

So for everyone out there who doesn’t know you or where you started before this body composition challenge - would you tell us a little bit about your story and why you decided to commit to this 6 week nutrition challenge at CrossFit Jungle Gym?

So I always thought I had a pretty good diet. Even when I was younger didn’t really do the fast foods to an excess and I don’t really have a strong sweet tooth. Two years ago CFJG had a group nutrition class, but I really wanted to do one on one so I signed up for a 6 class nutrition with Brian. He taught me about the zone diet. So I started following it and I lost 14 lbs. For awhile I was a little too light,  but then I put on 4lbs and pretty much my weight stayed there. I followed the diet for the next too years. Not super strict but if I messed up a bit I would just go back to what I was supposed to be doing. When the Challenge came I was ready to try to put on some more lean muscle.

Would you give us a little background on some of the changes you made during the challenge?

So my diet changes were to increase my blocks to 15 from 12 and after every workout have 2 blocks of fast absorbing carbs like a 1/2 bagel. Every thing was manageable.

Tell us about your results after just 6 weeks. Anything that you feel you would like to credit to your hard work during this challenge?

So after 6 weeks I lost 4 inches, gained 1 lb in weight, lost 1 lb of fat and gained 3 lbs of lean muscle. I plan on continuing the diet and hopefully will see a more visible body change, also learning to follow my plan and listening to other issues and triumphs.

Were you totally satisfied with your results over the last 6 weeks? (Responses either) “ totally satisfied” or  “not exactly” if not exactly explain why…

Totally satisfied although there are things I would like to see added to the class, maybe recipe day or label reading.

Is there anything else you would like to share about this experience that you think is noteworthy that we haven’t touched on in the above questions?

I think everyone did a great job and should be extremely proud of themselves! And I hope everyone is continuing on their path to better fitness and health and good eating!

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