Peter Greenbaum: "The coaches are all genuinely interested in me and other members"

Published May 18, 2017

Meet Peter Greenbaum, CrossFit Jungle Gym member since June 2015. Through consistency Peter has made large strides in his fitness. He works out 3 times every week and commits to making time for his fitness before work. Check out how he came to CrossFit and what his next goals are!

Meet Peter Greenbaum

"I had been an avid runner all of my life, however I wanted a change and wanted to try something more challenging. I read about CrossFit and though it would be good to try. I was attracted to the WOD (workout of the day) philosophy, of different workouts every day and to the many exercises which I had little or no experience with like cleans, jerks and snatches."

"My first impression of CrossFit Jungle Gym was how welcoming everyone was. The coaches are all genuinely interested in me, and other members made a point to immediately introduce themselves. That has not changed at all, everyone encourages each other during every workout, and when you think that you have given everything, a coach or other member is right there to push you on further."

"My favorite and most pronounced improvement so far is definitely the overhead squat. I sit all day at work at a computer and my upper back and shoulder flexibility was terrible. The first time I tried the overhead squat was with a PVC Pipe (very light) and it was tough. As time went on, I graduated to a barbell, and then added more and more weight. I now feel so much more comfortable doing this exercise."

"My next big goal would be to be able to do multiple muscle ups. I get a single muscle up every so often, but haven't been able to break through and get multiple ones. That is my next challenge."

"My Favorite CFJG memory is The Open workout 16.5, which was thrusters and burpees. It looked like a killer workout when I looked at it the night before, and when I was doing it... it was a killer. But when I was done it felt so good to know that I got through it and exceeded my expectations!"



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